How The Dems Killed Portland


Republican Mayor of Sandy, Oregon Stan Pulliam went on Fox News to blast the media and left-leaning politicians for pushing the ‘defund the police’ movement which caused hundreds of militant Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists to attack federal law enforcement officers outside the Mark O. Hatfield U.S Courthouse in downtown Portland.

The protest appeared to be planned in advance, but it’s unclear which group organized it. Protesters were angry with President Biden for not defunding the police and targeted government buildings and the Oregon Democratic Party building in Portland. About 150 people had marched to the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement building too.

Video footage shows rioters trying to burn down the federal building, assaulting construction crews who were working around the clock, setting a dumper alight, and hurling rocks at federal agents outside an ICE building. A large explosion went off near the dumpster, which turned out to be fireworks. Law enforcement officials retrieved weapons such as knives, pepper spray, and laser pointers to blind and injure the eyes of cops. All those who were detained were read their Miranda rights, released within hours, and later had their charges dismissed.

“All of us have just watched in horror as the violence and destruction has taken over the city of Portland and quite frankly, this is what the defunding of the police movement looks like. We have [Portland] Mayor Ted Wheeler, who one week ago gets punched in the face by a citizen. And then just earlier in a segment on this very show, he’s put to having to pepper spray others,” Mayor Pulliam said.

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The Mayor went on to talk about the radical left’s “culture of criminality” which has led to more violence with fewer consequences. Businesses are closing up and owners are looking to leave the city. Antifa continues to escalate the attacks on federal buildings to provoke the type of media response they wanted. Reporters who did not follow Antifa’s rules were assaulted, robbed, and had their recording equipment stolen.

Rioters have assaulted dozens of federal officers, even though every use of force by officers has been heavily scrutinized by the left-leaning media platforms. Democratic politicians are calling cops “Trump’s Gestapo” and “storm troopers.”

Republican Mayor of El Cajon, California Bill Wells also said one of the neighboring cities of La Mesa was being stricken with violence. Bank buildings were being burned down, cars were turned over, and broken glass covered the streets.

“And so I think it bodes well for really taking a serious look at this whole ‘defund the police’ movement and in reality, understanding that going for less police is probably exactly the wrong direction to take,” Wells said.

Dems turn a blind eye to the months of riots they’ve incited just to point at one non-violent speech former President Trump gave right before the incident at the U.S Capitol. The left wants everyone to forget that for all of 2020 they helped aid and endorse a bunch of anarchists looking to burn Portland and the rest of the country to the ground. This was never about the police.