After months of campaign promises about putting an end to COVID-19, President Joe Biden just drew back on that comment. While his campaign rang tones of positivity and rebirth, a recent remark made during his first days in office sounded hopeless. Only a few days into his presidency and already caught in a big lie to the American people. Didn’t he have a plan to control it?

During a recent press briefing, President Biden addressed his administration’s efforts to control the spiking case totals but said they had little ability in controlling it. He warned that the country’s death toll would spike and used that fear to reiterate his call for Congress to pass his proposed $1.9 trillion aid package “American Rescue Plan.” The package would include $14,000 direct payments, enhanced unemployment benefits, and federal aid for state and local governments.

“A lot of America is hurting. The virus is surging. We’re 400,000 dead expected to reach well over 600,000,” he said.

President Biden told Congress there would be a wave of evictions and foreclosures for “countless mom-and-pop landlords” as the pandemic rages in the coming months. It is quite a drastic change in tone, being that less than 48 hours he had signed an executive order mandating mask usage on federal property. He claimed this would save 50,000 lives. If there’s nothing to be done in the coming months, then why bother with a 100-day mask mandate?

The President’s comment faced backlash from a number of politicians, including former Michigan Rep. Justin Amash, who pointed out that government-mandated shutdowns imposed in several states were meant to “flatten the curve.”

Just days after the US surpassed 400,000 deaths, Dr. Anthony Fauci also warned the public that the country is likely to pass 500,000 deaths attributed to COVID-19. He said that there could be a possible lag in the improving test numbers due to the holidays, and suggested that the current trend might not be considered “real.”

Shortly after the press briefing, President Biden signed two executive orders designed to reduce food hunger and promote federal workers’ rights during the pandemic. He also revoked an executive order issued by former President Donald Trump that made it more difficult for federal employees to maintain collective bargaining power.

This is not the inspiring presidential message to be sent with a vaccine available to almost a million frontline workers and at-risk elderly receiving it daily. If there’s nothing to do, shouldn’t the Democrat Party admit that the shutdowns and mandates never worked in the first place?