Reps. Castro, Raskin, and Ocasio-Cortez have been many members of the Democrat Party voicing the importance of keeping Trump from running for president again. They have used the incident at the U.S Capitol as a baseless claim that the President had unconstitutionally incited violence and attacked members of Congress.

While some have claimed that the impeachment is to keep him from serving out the rest of his term, others are too focused on keeping him from ever running again, even if it means kicking him out illegally. House Impeachment manager Rep. Joaquin Castro told ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos that trying to impeach the president was not a violation of the First Amendment or free speech. He said that the President’s incitement of violence has superseded any arguments of free-speech violation. Stephanopoulos then asked if he was concerned over the trial being constitutional, which led Rep. Castro to admit that the Democrat Party has a second irrelevant motive regarding the impeachment.

“I don’t believe so. In fact, one of the other purposes of impeachment in this case is to make sure that the — that President Trump is not able to run for federal office again, that he’s not able to seek the presidency. The reason for that is that somebody who incited a riot, an attempted coup of the United States government should not be president again. So it’s not just about making sure that there are consequences to his behavior,” Rep. Castro explained.

He went on to talk about holding his colleagues accountable who “participated and helped” those who stormed the Capitol, despite the Democrat Party publicly supporting the violent BLM/Antifa riots last summer. He said that ‘political violence’ is the line that we must draw.

Social media users argued that trying to stop people from voting for who they want is an abuse of constitutional power of impeachment when the President had violated no rules during his term. It’s almost as if Democrats are so terrified of a failing Biden administration that they have already heavily prepped themselves for 2024.

Impeachment was meant to bring accountability for those who committed a crime, not to be used as a tool to push a specific narrative. Voters decide who should run, not a handful of lawmakers in Washington looking to take advantage of more hysteria. It’s almost as if the left didn’t remember what happened the first time they tried to illegally impeach the President.