Cuomo Begs People To Return To The Big Apple After Imposing Some Of The Harshest Lockdowns


After insisting that he will mandate vaccines in the state of New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is also trying to plead with his citizens to return to the Big Apple. Businesses have fled by the thousands after months of rising crime and lockdowns…and took their tax dollars with them. Looks like Cuomo shouldn’t have dug into the taxpayer’s pockets to pay for his book advance.

But it’s not just the policies and taxes that pushed people away. Cuomo has been the face of multiple scandals, including the underreporting of COVID-19-related nursing home deaths and a stack of sexual harassment claims from former staffers. The fun has left NYC and the state has Dem leadership to blame.

In a recent Association for a Better New York virtual meeting, Cuomo insisted on people returning to work in person. He said remote work and schooling were ‘ok’ but said he wanted to push people back into New York. Cuomo emphasized the devastating impact on the commercial market and made it a goal by Labor Day to have everyone back in the office.

“We need people coming back. Say to your workforce, ‘By Labor Day, everyone is back in the office. We need that volume to support the restaurants and the shops, the services. It’s not just about your business. It’s about all the spinoff affect economic activity that your workers bring to the surrounding community,” Cuomo said.

But Cuomo’s calls for getting New Yorkers back in the office after he imposed some of the most aggressive COVID-19 lockdown measures in the country. He demonized businesses for trying to stay open and imposed heavy fines for those who didn’t comply. He then let looters destroy businesses, released them without bail, and allowed them to do it again and again. New York is currently ranked the lowest for post-recession economic recovery at 81%.

Cuomo faced heavy criticism particularly in December after shutting down indoor dining again after previously reopening it at limited capacity. He tried to cite an increase in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations at the time, even though the contract-tracing data showed dining facilities accounting for just 1.43% for all COVID-19 cases. At the same time, he’s calling on business owners to mandate vaccinations for all of their employees and customers.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is also to blame for the mess. He recently mandated COVID-19 vaccines or to undergo regulatory testing for all public hospitals and health clinic employees. He said they’ve been really nice and respectful with free testing but warned New Yorkers that the voluntary phase was over and that it’s time to step forward.

Most people don’t want high rent, high prices, high crime, and high taxes when the only benefit is in it for the liberals. Even though Cuomo is trying to talk about “building a community” and getting people back into school and work to clean up the mess now, Republicans were trying to prevent this by saying this all along. But Cuomo was too busy trying to lock down New York City and hide what his policies were doing to the state’s nursing homes.