DC Mayor Puts 2-Day Notice On Implementing New Mask Mandates So She Can Celebrate Her Birthday First


Democrats have always been “do as I say, not as I do,” which was emphasized again by Washington D.C Mayor Muriel Bowser. She appeared to celebrate her birthday party on Friday maskless, which would be such a big deal if she hadn’t announced a citywide mask mandate the day before. But that’s exactly how Dem leadership works. They are the exception (even to their own rules).

Bowser celebrated her birthday just hours before the mandate went into effect with comedian Dave Chappelle and several other friends in D.C, all of them posing maskless in a packed bar. Other photos included a maskless crowd and Bowser posing with Deputy Mayor John Falcicchio. She wrote in a press release that day how Washingtonians have waited months to be able to enjoy shows and that it “makes it even sweeter” they can reopen another venue with a performance from Chappelle, one of the world’s most beloved comedians.

Bowser had emphasized the day before that everyone needs to “mask up” to protect the community to keep DC open. She announced that the mask mandate would begin Saturday at 5 a.m. Her office did not respond to any comments about how she celebrated her birthday Friday night. People also questioned why the mandate would not take effect until days later, but Bowser also claimed that they will “continue to do what is necessary to keep D.C safe.”

But this isn’t the first time Bowser has been caught sidelining her own orders. She broke her own COVID-19 travel restrictions in November to attend President Joe Biden’s election victory speech in Delaware, even though the state was considered a “high risk” coronavirus transmission state at the time. She tried to defend it as “essential travel.”

The DC face mask guidance states that not wearing a face mask puts your own health at risk as well as the health of others. It also says that a mask is not a substitute for physical distancing either. According to that, the Mayor has endangered both herself and state residents through the actions of how she celebrated her birthday. But the mainstream media only focuses the attention when a Republican does it. Bowser didn’t seem to have much concern for her own directives.

At this point, it’s starting to look like the two-day notice on implementing mask mandates was so she could have her birthday party first. C-Span’s Brett Horton also tweeted about the speculations that Bowser went to another private party after the Chappelle event at Officina, DC’s storied Italian restaurant. The restaurant had been closed that night for a private event and attending Chappelle.

Bowser’s announcement also comes after the Center for Disease Control & Prevention announced updated guidelines for vaccinated individuals, which included face coverings for indoor areas. They cited more concerns over the “contagious” Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus.

We are once again seeing the hypocrisy of the radical left breaking their own rules. They never took the pandemic or any of their own guidance seriously. Reinstating mask mandates doesn’t even follow the science at this point, it’s just another political ploy (especially when she’s out celebrating in a so-called “superspreader” the night before). The only thing Democrats like Bowser take seriously is power.