Newsom Is In Bigger Trouble Than He Expected…And It Shows


As the Sept. 14 recall election gets closer, polls have indicated that Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom might be more in more trouble than he expected. You know Newsom is in trouble when both political parties can recognize the immense damage his Democrat policies have caused in the state. Just look at California’s out-of-control crime, unstable power, high living costs, uncontrollable fires, insane tax rates, and homelessness filling the streets.

Recent polls from Survey USA and the San Diego Union-Tribune indicate that 51% of Californians are in favor of his recall and 40% are against it. This says a lot for Newsom since his support to stay in office dropped about 11% since the July Poll and most of the voters are registered Democrats.

65% of the respondents polled that crime is worse, compared to 29% who said crime is the same or diminishing. 41% of Democrats gave Newsom a “D” or “F” grade on tackling the homelessness population, which currently exceeds 180,000 people in the state.

Another poll from the UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies also suggests that Republicans are “more motivated” in the recall contest, even though they only count for a quarter of all registered voters in the state.

Even Larry Elder, the front-runner in polls against Newsom, said the governor is on “very unstable political ground” and that he knows he is in serious trouble. He shared on Fox News’ “Gutfeld” that the polls are right on the margin of error. Half of Cali residents want him gone and the other half would rather he stays in office. 58% of pollers said they didn’t want Newsom to run again for governor in 2022.

Elder raised $4.5 million in fundraising the first two weeks after launching his campaign in July. He said he’s way ahead of other Republicans and not concerned about the GOP’s role in campaign matters. He even suggested that Newsom is worried about him.

“The numbers announced by my campaign today solidify my candidacy to defeat Gavin Newsom in the upcoming recall election. Californians have shown up and believe in our mission to recall Newsom and elect me in his place. Newsom can raise an unlimited amount of funds for this election; therefore, every single donation to my campaign counts, whether small or large,” Elder said.

For months, Newsom has pushed the recall election as an effort by radical right Trump supporters to get him out of office through abuse of the recall process and costing taxpayers millions of dollars. After seeing the overwhelming support for other candidates, he started blasting candidate Elder through press releases and fundraising emails, even claiming that he is “even more extreme than Trump in many respects.”

Newsom pointed out Elder’s opposition to having any minimum wage, downplaying climate change, and not addressing the nation’s issues with racial inequality. He even tried to claim that Elder doesn’t think women should control their own bodies and that gun violence isn’t a problem. But many critics pushed back and said this isn’t a Republican recall, but a Newsom recall.

During an interview with the Sacramento Bee editorial board, Newsom even went on a deranged rant. A reporter was asking him questions about California’s high crime, tax rates, homelessness, and labor shortage, adding that the “California dream” seems more like a mirage. He fired back the best he could as a low-performing governor, with the Gateway Pundit adding that he slammed his hands down 60 times during the interview.

“It’d be damn nice if our homegrown teams started focusing on what’s right! Everybody outside this state is bitching about this state because of our success,” Newsom fired back.

Newsom has the campaign finance rules on his side that allow him to raise unlimited sums of money through left-leaning unions, Hollywood, Big Tech, casinos, agriculture, and real estate. But it’s clear that every state has the right and option to recall, including the people of California. They no longer want to inhabit his policies and see all of his governing as being against the people’s wishes.

At one point, California could’ve been the sixth or seventh richest country on its own. Liberalism has destroyed the free state, with a governor who focuses more on free community college than water supply.