Rep. Roy Calls Impeachment Against Biden & Mayorkas Over Border Crisis, July Border Crossings Highest Since 2000


Texas Rep. Chip Roy recently announced that July’s border crossing numbers have hit the highest level since 2000. He tweeted that Border Patrol agents encountered 205,029 people, had 37,400 known getaways, and a total of 1.3 million border crossings for the Fiscal Year 2021, which started on October 1, 2020. Rep. Roy then declared that enough is enough and it’s time to impeach those who are responsible.

“It’s time to draw a line in the sand, for the sake of our country, our communities, our kids, and those who seek to come here. It’s time to impeach [Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas] for failing to uphold immigration law, enforce Title 42, and secure our border,” Roy said in a statement.

The border crisis is only getting worse and the Biden Administration continues to turn a blind eye. Border czar and vice president Kamala Harris have done nothing but release a root causes strategy which rants about government corruption and climate change. The findings were an embarrassment for all. Even former assistant secretary of Homeland Security Alexei Woltornist has called their crisis at the border a major “cover-up.”

Conservative commentator and host Jesse Kelly tweeted out to emphasize that Joe Biden’s actions at the border are “more impeachable than Watergate.” He called it an attack on the sovereignty of America and insisted that Republicans should move to impeach after 2022.

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Others have also called for legal action on a number of Biden’s policies including his decision to freeze appropriated funds for former president Donald Trumps’ border wall. Missouri Rep. Jason Smith said it was a “serious violation” to freeze the funds and has called on Congress to reassess the move. He argues that it is in violation of the Impoundment Control Act of 1974, which gives Congress authority over budget spending.

Some GOP lawmakers went to visit the border facilities and see the overflow of illegal migrants including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. He explained to reporters how it was “worse than we thought” and that the border patrol agents are overwhelmed and deserve the help of the federal government. “I am calling on you to put politics aside. Let’s work together for the security of our nation and the betterment of our people,” McCarthy said.

Roy has continued to call on the White House’s response to the flow of migrants across the border, even retweeting a report that Border Patrol buses have already released thousands of migrants into McAllen, TX.

Rep. Roy told Fox News that the Border was in total chaos and called on Title 42, which is a Trump-era health rule that allows for the expulsion of arrived migrants. The surge of COVID-19 has flooded into the town and left Democratic leaders calling for renewed COVID-19 restrictions. It is unfair for the Biden Administration to create a national security crisis and expect Americans to pick up the pieces by masking up, getting vaccinated, and preparing for more lockdowns.

“Over the past several months, President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas have blatantly and consistently refused to do their constitutional duty to take care that the immigration laws be faithfully executed, as required by Article II, endangering countless American and foreign lives in the process,” Roy said.

This is endangering Texans, ranchers, flooding the country with drugs, and letting the cartels abuse thousands of immigrants and operate in horrible conditions. And that’s all because of the Biden Administration. The president’s job is to protect the American people and Biden hasn’t only missed the mark – he’s failed completely.