DHS Releases A Six-Point Plan On The Latest Migrant Surge


Tens of thousands of illegal border crossers have gathered in Texas, where they have started to encamp underneath the overpass of the international bridge connecting Del Rio to Ciudad Acuna in the Mexican state of Coahuila. Chief of U.S Border Patrol Raul Ortiz admits that the issue has become so overwhelming and that they’ve never seen a migration population “explode so quickly” on the immediate border. About 14,000 illegal aliens have gathered under the bridge over the last 72 hours.

There have been massive numbers of Haitians fleeing their homelands in South and Central American countries in order to walk the Rio Grande network and flood the border. While the Obama administration supported these efforts in 2012 during a surge of unaccompanied alien children, the same system is being worked into overdrive by President Joe Biden in 2021. However, this time we are seeing extreme numbers of gang members, drug dealers, and entire families flooding through the border.

The Department of Homeland Security recently released a six-point plan to address the current surge at the border and the 14,000+ migrants who have begin camping under the Del Rio International Bridge. They said they will implement the new strategy to address the increase in migrant encounters and improve control of the area.

According to the six-point plan, U.S Customs and Border Protection will first have surged 400 agents and officers to the Del Rio sector, adding that they will send additional staff if needed. They will then coordinate with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, along with the U.S Coast Guard, to move individuals from the Del Rio area to processing locations. They said they plan to secure additional transportation and increase the capacity of removal flights to Haiti, along with working with source and transit countries in the region to accept the individuals.

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DHS emphasized how they will undertake “urgent humanitarian actions” to reduce crowding and improve the conditions for migrants, along with having more Border Patrol emergency medical technicians available to provide water, towels, and portable toilets. The White House then said they would direct the appropriate U.S agencies to work with the other governments to provide assistance and support.

Biden officials have continued to reiterate that their borders “are not open” and that people should not make the dangerous journey. But many GOP reps, including Sen. Ron Johnson, have expressed their outrage over the thousands of migrants attempting to illegally cross in the first place.

Johnson is demanding answers from the Biden administration over drone surveillance footage showing the “complete story” of the unmitigated crisis at the border. He notes that the apprehensions have averaged more than 6,700 per day over the last two months and that the Border patrol agents are “overwhelmed” and carry low morale with the volume of migrants crossing the border.

Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano has appealed to the Biden administration for help as well, adding that something needs to be done from the administration to provide a response in real-time. While the Biden administration recently closed the Del Rio border bridge over the surge of migrants, legal passage into the region requires workers to drive an hour away to Eagle Pass, Texas, just to cross in or out of the U.S This is making the situation in Del Rio even worse for those in the legal workplace.

The Del Rio encampment population is expected to double over the next few days, with Democrats distancing themselves from the policies that created this problem. Massive illegal immigration has been heavily supported by the radical left and there are millions of votes and cheap labor at stake if they do anything to stop the surge. The sad thing is, it’s the taxpayer’s and border town communities that end up paying the price.