World Health Organization Announces Second Investigation Into Lab Leak Theory


The World Health Organization recently announced that they will be launching a second investigation into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic after complaints that the first one drew in bias concerns. It was reported that the new investigation will include a team of about 20 scientists, specialists, and experts in the fields of laboratory safety, biosecurity and animal disease. They will further examine the possibilities of whether COVID-19 emerged from the Wuhan Institute of Virology or not.

The WHO has been pressed for a second investigation after scientists warned that time is “running out” to determine the origins of the pandemic. Evidence continues to get discarded and the antibodies from early patients are fading. For the most part, China has refused to participate in the investigation and has even tried to bounce back a claim that the coronavirus came from a lab in the U.S. They have continued to push this theory without any evidence and have refused to hand over some of the patient data from early cases to investigators.

One report adds that China has delayed the investigations by taking more than a year for the original team to get their visas. They even shut down some of the farms across larger regions after investigators recommended further testing of wild mammals that are susceptible to COVID-19. EcoHealth’s head scientist Peter Daszak was the only American allowed to partake in the investigation and had dismissed the lab leak theory as a matter of “conspiracy theories.”

The Wuhan Institute of Virology has particularly faced scrutiny for being funded with US taxpayer dollars from the EcoHealth Alliance, which is tied to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Health. Both Daszak and Fauci have lied about the type of research occurring at the lab, their ties to the lab, and just how much research was deleted from the database. It’s clear to see why Daszak was the only American China allowed to investigate their lab. Dasdak even thanked Dr. Fauci in a series of emails from April 2020 for downplaying the lab leak theory to the media.

EcoHealth Alliance took out six-figure loans from the Paycheck Protection Program during the pandemic and repeatedly violated federal laws by failing to disclose how much of their money was sent to the Wuhan lab. It was even revealed that they ignored several safety precautions when capturing wild bats for the experiments.

EcoHealth even wanted to supercharge wild bats with coronaviruses and release them into the wild, according to recent reports. The US Department of Defense had rejected an original 2018 funding proposal from Daszak, who wanted to spike cave bats in Yunnan, China, with aerosols containing “novel chimeric spike proteins” to make viruses more transmissible and pathogenic. This is just another famous example of more “gain-of-function” research funding, which both Daszak and Fauci have denied the U.S being engaged in.

“It is clear that the proposed project led by Peter Daszak could have put local communities at risk,” DOD stated.

The calls for a second investigation have been critical in not only uncovering the lab leak theory but also preventing future pandemics. The original report on the virus’ origin was inconclusive and did not offer any further details on the gain-of-function research.

Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs is the chairman of the COVID-19 commission affiliated with the second investigation and said he closed the task force because he was concerned about its links to EcoHealth Alliance. They’ve continued to use taxpayer dollars to fund the lab where the first COVID-19 outbreak occurred. And it’s no coincidence.