Biden Refuses To Answer Questions & Walks Away From Plummeting September Jobs Report


While President Joe Biden has insisted that jobs are up and unemployment rates are down, he’s revealed yet another disappointing job report on the economy. He claimed the administration has created nearly five million jobs since taking office eight months ago and called it “progress.” The September report revealed that the administration only added 194,000 private payroll positions to the economy, contrary to the expected 500,000 new jobs. The country continues to struggle but Biden has gone so far as to turn his back on reporters asking about the plummeting economy. So much for transparency.

The Labor Department reports that nonfarm payroll jobs rose by just 194,000 in the month of September, compared to the 500,000 estimated by the Dow Jones. The unemployment rate lowered to 4.8%, which was better than the expected 5.1%. The report also cites that the headline number was “hurt” by a 123,000 decline in government payrolls while private payrolls increased by 317,000.

Andrew Hunter, a top U.S economist at Capital Economics, warned sources that the labor shortages are continuing to put “upward pressure” on wages when the return of low-wage leisure and hospitality workers should be “depressing the average.” He said the numbers have thrown off the expectations and that they are far from hitting the substantial progress goal than they expected.

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel called the latest jobs report a “disaster” and accused the Biden administration of squandering the economic recovery he inherited from former President Donald Trump.

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“Today’s jobs report is a disaster: *Over 300,000 fewer jobs created than expected. *Labor force participation fell. *Prices are rising faster than wages Biden has squandered the recovery he inherited!” McDaniel tweeted.

Glassdoor senior economist Daniel Zhao said that the labor market recovery continues to “hit the brakes” this month but said there is still a cause for optimism in the coming months. It’s hard to believe that there is a case for optimism as the September numbers are even worse than the report from August, which showed only 235,000 jobs created. The sluggish pace has continued in a trend downward, as the economy falls short again.

While some have been rooting for an economic comeback, others are citing the Delta variant as the reason why things have not yet gotten normal. Some industries performed even worse than in August. Leisure and hospitality jobs increased by 74,000 but did not change in any of the bars and restaurants. While manufacturing created 37,000 jobs in August, they only added 26,000 in September.

Healthcare employment, nursing, and residential care facilities also fell by 38,000. Hospital jobs fell by 8,000. It’s hard to believe that one person could mess up our economy this fast but Biden has been the one for the job. Between his disastrous vaccine mandates and paying people to sit at home, Biden has been out to destroy the middle class and crush small businesses.

The September jobs report doesn’t even phase Biden as he walked off the stage before taking any questions on the report. Multiple voices were heard shouting “Mr. President” but he has made it clear that he will not call on reporters. He even admits he only takes questions from certain press reporters or he could be “in trouble.”

Biden doesn’t have to worry about making any outrageous gaffes if he simply walks away from the reporters. It’s been his move all year.