Tennessee Top Ed Official Pushed California’s Math Is Racist Plan


Rachel Maves, a Tennessee Department of Education top official, has advocated the idea that “correct answers” to work are an example of racism, as well as white supremacy. Maves was appointed the Chief of Preparation and Performance by the Department of Education in September, with previous duties as Deputy Superintendent for Instruction and Measurement at the Department of Education in California.

In California, Maves promoted a controversial mathematics framework, which would have trained K-12 math teachers on how white supremacy culture infiltrates classrooms and their daily actions as teachers.

She also supported the recommendation of the state department to push Algebra 1 from 6-8th grade. This would delay the program until high school and would eliminate the tracking of accelerated mathematics programs in middle school. She stressed how they reject the notion of natural talents and gifts.

Linda Darling-Hammond, President of the California Board of Education, denied that students would be less likely to take it in high school. She stated that they support research showing that rushing to learn calculus without deep understanding is detrimental to long-term math achievement. She also defended her decision to delay teaching higher-level math.

Darling-Hammond stated that some of the misconceptions and misunderstandings push against traditional ideas and thinking. She explained that math’s importance and the outcome are not about how fast we can get to the top, but rather how deep we understand mathematical concepts.

Richard Bernstein, one of the California Math Framework’s researchers, explained how some of the findings from the “research” collected were misrepresented and misrepresented by the framework’s woke activists.

The framework claims that the framework is based on “advanced socioscience research” is based on these latest findings. The framework includes phrases like “researchers discovered,” “the research proves” and “research that is clear”. The Framework also states that “research shows” that all students can become proficient math users and learners. Adopting the Framework’s recommendations would make California “sizeable and prestigious” and serve as a model to other states.

Bernstein discovered that much of the research was not clear. He also said that he thought it was very murky and hotly disputed. Bernstein stated that it was misleadingly extended to cover situations it wasn’t intended for.
Maves holds the top position in Tennessee’s Department of Education. Some parents are worried about her hiring, as she suggested eliminating advanced math because of inequities. It was called “anti-American” as well as “anti-God” by parents, who added that they must stop Californicating Tennessee with Maves. They requested that the Department address the matter during the Special Session.

State Sen. Bowling said that Maves’ background shocked her, and she would forward it on to several committee chairs and to the staff of Gov. Bill Lee (R).

Bowling states how it will be addressed by administratively right away and that legislation was passed that prohibited any CRT tenets. Bowling stated that this is unacceptable. Gov. Lee recently signed a bill banning the teaching of Critical Race Theory in schools across the state. A spokesperson for the governor stated that he signed the bill as a way to teach Tennessee students history and civics, not divisive political commentary.
If woke ideology rejects the idea of natural talents and gifts, then music and science are also racist. They are not content with infiltrating their schools, but they want to spread it across the country.