Bongino Rips Biden, Democrats’ Hypocrisy On COVID Travel Ban Similar To Trump’s


Fox News host Dan Bongino recently shared that President Biden was imposing a travel ban on eight African countries as the omicron coronavirus variant spreads. The White House move was to apply travel restrictions on South Africa, seven other countries within the region, and some exceptions.

There are many layers to this. Here’s the simple, superficial truth: Joe Biden is a fraud. The Dem Party has been the largest grift in human history and the largest donor scam in human history.

Trump imposed travel restrictions from certain countries when there were many unknowns and believed it could have worked. We now know that these travel bans have not done anything to stop the Delta, and they’ve done absolutely nothing to stop any other variant. Biden was replicating his racist remarks by imposing travel restrictions from certain countries.

Trump’s 2017 travel restrictions were revised to include six Muslim countries and were in response to concerns that people from these countries might not be properly vetted.

Biden tweeted as a presidential candidate last year to Trump’s travel restrictions. He said that we must lead the way in science, not Donald Trump’s history of fear-mongering, hysteria, and xenophobia. He called Trump the worst person to lead our country in a global emergency of health.

Biden also called Trump’s temporary ban on immigration from certain countries a disgrace.

Biden tried to backtrack the comment later and claimed that he was making broad points about xenophobia, and not specifically referring to the travel ban. Biden tweeted later that a wall won’t stop the coronavirus and that will ban travel from Europe or any other region of the globe will not stop the disease. He said this can affect every country and every person on the planet, adding that we need to devise a plan to stop it.

As a result of the new variant, not only has the U.S. been affected, but also the European Union, Israel, and the U.K all stopped air travel to South Africa.