California Sanctuary City Declares Itself A Constitutional Republic To Fight COVID Mandates


The city council of Oroville, California, voted unanimously for the creation of a Constitutional Republic City to protect citizens’ rights as outlined in federal and state mandates. Scott Thomson, Oroville Vice Mayor, states that the goal of Oroville is to protect citizens’ rights at a local level. He said they are acting as a sanctuary for citizens and their rights and freedoms protected by the U.S. Constitution. He said he felt the federal government was too far-reaching against citizens.

Thomson asked that the measure be approved. On Nov. 2, 6-1 members of the city council approved the measure. This resolution allows the city to refuse to enforce executive orders from California or the United States that go beyond constitutional rights.

It is not tied to any particular mandate, such as President Biden’s directive to vaccine companies. Thomson explained. He claims that the multitude of mandates is impacting every aspect of our lives, as well as our children’s lives. The resolution states that the city supports the separation of powers, individual rights, and the rule of law as outlined in the U.S Constitution. This includes the ability for local governments to exercise control over residents living within their jurisdictional boundaries.

Councilor Dave Pittman said that it’s all about local governments taking good care of their citizens. 

Thomson shared that each mandate would be treated in a unique way. Any legal disputes that arise from a majority vote of the city council will be handled by Thomson.

Thomson said that state reps tried reaching our governor to let them know that what works in large cities like San Francisco and Sacramento doesn’t work for small towns like Oroville.  He said that if he would listen more to our reps or give more local control, then they wouldn’t be here.

Scott Huber, City Attorney, states that the resolution can be modified at any time and that they will not lose funding. He said in the unlikely event it happens in the future you could modify it and do what you like, but that it will not affect any funding.

Art Hartley, a Councilmember described the resolution as “political declarations” with “absolutely no teeth”, while Thomson called the resolution a “line through sand”. ”

Mayor Chuck Reynolds stated that this resolution was passed to “reaffirm citizens under what kind of government they live.” He stated how with all the emergency declarations and leaders declaring an emergency, it puts one person in charge and they can pretty much do anything they want, even if there isn’t an immediate threat.

California has been the subject of multiple mandates that revolve around coronavirus, with protests breaking out after California became the first country to require vaccinations for public school students.