Florida Reports Lowest Coronavirus Cases Per Capita As Blue States Surge


Florida is reporting the lowest number of COVID-19 cases per person in the country, despite being under constant scrutiny by Dem leaders and establishment media during the pandemic. Other states are still experiencing large surges.

Florida reported 1,393 cases per day, which is a 2% drop in cases over the last two weeks. Florida was the target of establishment media and Dem-state leaders throughout the pandemic, including former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has maintained for weeks its position as one of the lowest per capita cases count in the nation.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis talked about all of this during a press conference in Brandon, Florida, and signed legislation to protect workers against vaccine mandates. He explained how mainstream media only covers COVID-19 surges in places they don’t like, adding that they ignore the surges in Dem-run areas.

DeSantis said that they don’t even know if that’s going to be coverage, but I see that happening and it was something obvious.” Others are faring better, and many of these states happen to be the greatest champions for lockdowns during the pandemic.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is reporting one of the largest spikes in Michigan, with an average daily of 8,457 cases or 85 per 100,000. This is an 88% rise in the last two weeks and hospitalizations increased by 11%. Florida’s decreased by 12%. New York currently reports an average daily number of 6,666 cases per day. This represents a 37% rise in cases in the last 14 days, as hospitalizations have gone up 27% over that same period.

Keystone State hospitalizations have also increased 25%. This news comes amid growing concerns about a coronavirus variant from South Africa called B.1.1.529.

The U.K has announced plans to suspend air travel from Southern Africa because of the variant while President Biden left Nantucket early to go on his Thanksgiving vacation.