Gov DeSantis Signs Legislation Protecting Florida Jobs Against Vaccine Mandates


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently signed legislation protecting Florida jobs from COVID-19 vaccine mandates. He said it was the strongest piece of legislation in the country, adding that they will make sure people have the right to earn their living. He said that people have the right to protection at their workplace and that parents need protection for their children’s education.

DeSantis said that Florida is leading in this area and if you take a look at the work they are doing today. He said the legislation is the most powerful in this area and that they are extremely proud to be able to achieve it here.

DeSantis also notes that the White House officials who originally dismissed mandates are now for them. He said that Florida respects the individual freedom of people in this state and that he doesn’t know how the country got there.

DeSantis also notes that Florida has allowed children to return to school, despite constant critics from mainstream media. He said they will help employers recognize natural immunity and actually use a science-based approach. He said that natural immunity is one of the best exemptions.

The bill states how it will protect parents, students, workers, and employers in the state. It creates a framework that allows employees to make the best health decisions and gives parents the right to make health care decisions about their children’s health. The bill bans COVID-19 vaccine mandates for public and government employees and allows parents to choose whether they want to use quarantine, masks, vaccines, or other measures. The legislation specifically prohibits private sector employers from mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for their employees, unless they provide at least five exemptions.

It will provide a public records exemption to protect personal information, religious information, and medical information that was obtained during an investigation into an employer refusing to give individual exemptions from COVID-19 vaccine requirements.

The bill will also direct the Executive Office of the Governor, to examine options for the State of Florida that would allow it to assume responsibility for our workers’ occupational safety issues and health in light of the misuse of OSHA by the Biden Administration. The bill removes the authority of the state surgeon general to order vaccinations. DeSantis notes very clearly at this point COVID vaxxes do not prevent infection and cite surges in highly vaccinated nations.

DeSantis also pointed out that Florida had already sued Biden’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration rule (OSHA rule). This case has been consolidated at the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. DeSantis concluded that the OSHA rule would “crash and burn”.

He stated that the state was challenging the federal contractor mandate and said that Pensacola has also filed suit challenging HHS’s mandate for nurses and doctors in hospitals.