Joe Biden Heads To Minnesota For Infrastructure Push, But No Plans To Visit Victims Of Waukesha Massacre


While President Joe Biden hasn’t visited the Waukesha, Wisconsin families of bereavement, he will visit Minnesota to promote infrastructure. The White House stated to reporters that Biden did not plan on visiting Waukesha (Wisconsin), despite 6 deaths in the attack during a Christmas Parade and more than 60 injuries.

Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, said that the President visiting any community requires many assets, taking their resources, and it’s something that no one has planned at this point in time. Some victims of the attack are still being treated in hospitals.

Psaki said that she was aware it was a difficult time of the year to experience tragedy, but that Biden did not intend to visit the Waukesha area. She said their hearts are with them as they’ve been through such a difficult period.

Biden was on vacation in Nantucket with his family, Massachusetts, for 5 days after the attack and returned to the White House Sunday evening. Biden seems to be focusing on his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and will visit Rosemount, Minnesota to promote infrastructure.

Psaki stated how this was a part of their ongoing effort to get out there and tell Americans how this bill will benefit them.

Biden has different options when it comes to the type of tragedies that he would like to highlight. After ignoring police warnings, Biden visited Jacob Blake Jr.’s family during the 2020 presidential campaign. He was then shot by officers and got into a physical fight.

After eight victims were killed in a shooting at a spa, the president traveled to Atlanta to grieve. He directed that the flags be reduced to half-mast. Biden condemned the attacks and called out the “skyrocketing hate crimes” against Asian-Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.

He said that silence is complicity and we must speak up. We must act.