Joe Manchin Demands Clarity On Biden Agenda Bill, Potentially Imperiling Multitrillion-Dollar Package


Sen. Joe Manchin recently shared that he wouldn’t vote for the $1.75 Trillion Build Back Better Act without learning about its impact on inflation, the deficit, and how it could potentially threaten President Biden’s agenda in office.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi shared that she planned to vote on Biden’s Build Back Better Act, otherwise known as the Democrats’ infrastructure bill. Manchin blasted progressives like Pramila Jayapal for holding the bipartisan bill “hostage,” adding that they need an immediate vote on it. He even challenged progressives to kill it.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal spoke at a Judiciary Committee hearing about how some of the House Democrats say they won’t vote for the infrastructure package until she makes the promise to reconcile the legislation. 

Manchin stated that it was time to vote on the deal to approve or reject, but that you should then be able to go home and explain to your family what decision you made. Manchin stated that progressives who are holding the bipartisan bill hostage “is not going to work” on the reconciliation bill.

Manchin said that he wouldn’t support the Build back Better Act if it increased social programs significantly and added to the nation’s $29 trillion national debt. The senator stated that he wouldn’t support the bill if it hurt American families suffering from historical inflation.

Manchin also requested that time be taken to fully understand the implications of the $1.75 trillion Build back Better Act. He states that there should be full transparency and analysis of the impact of any changes to the tax code, energy, and climate policies. He said they needed to ensure that the country remains the superpower of all the world.

Manchin also states that he is concerned about Medicare expansion, adding how Sen. Bernie Sanders wants to expand Medicare through vision and dental benefits. He said it is a recipe for economic crises. He also complained about the budget “gimmicks” in the massive bill to hide the law’s cost.

Manchin warned Democrats that Biden’s spending packages would be rejected and that his vote in opposition to the bill would cause it to be blocked in Congress’s upper chamber, as Democrats have only a 50-50 majority of the Senate.
He said he would vote for any spending package that moves America forward but would reject anything that hurts the country more.