Kamala Harris’ Comms Director Resigns Amid Growing Criticism Of The VP


Vice President Kamala Harris’ Communications Director Ashley Etienne recently resigned amid growing criticism and terrible poll numbers. The resignation will be effective next month.

According to the VP’s team, Ashley was a valuable member and has worked tirelessly for the administration’s goals. They said she will be leaving the office in December to pursue new opportunities. Etienne was a long-time adviser to Nancy Pelosi and served twice as her communications director, with the rest of her time at the White House.

In the wake of a CNN report that detailed frustration and dysfunction within Harris’ office, the White House has continued to struggle. ABC reporter George Stephanopoulos asked the VP whether she felt “misused” or underused by the Biden administration, which laughed as a response. Harris went on to say, “No, I don’t,”

CNN’s piece struck a nerve at the White House, with Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, tweeting a defense for Harris. Harris’ approval rating was 28% in a recent survey, which is a historically low number for a VP.

Harris has been criticized by critics for her laughter when faced with difficult or unsettling questions. Harris laughed when Lester Holt, NBC News anchor, asked her if she would visit the border anytime soon. She was asked similar questions back in March and laughed again.

According to reports, more than a 1.7million migrants were detained at the U.S. border during the fiscal year 2021. This record was higher than the 1.69million arrests made by border patrol back in the 1980s.