Psaki Says Harris’ Time As Acting President Was Historic


White House press secretary Jen Psaki recently stated that Kamala Harris’s time as acting president was a historic moment that will be remembered for many women across the country.” Harris was the acting president of the United States on Friday when President Biden was anesthetized for his routine colonoscopy.

She became the first woman to be elected president of the U.S during that period. Biden returned to his presidency duties just before noon. When asked about Harris’s time as acting commander in chief, Psaki replied that it was a historic moment. Psaki states that the president was clearly aware that he was making history. She said it was long overdue in our view.

Psaki stated that they also made history when they worked together and whenever she was out there speaking for the government as VP of the U.S. Psaki continued to say that today was a chapter in that history and will be remembered by young girls everywhere.

Before going under anesthesia, Biden made Harris the acting president and notified Congress about the temporary transfer of power under the 25th Amendment. Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, tweeted that President Biden seemed in good spirits transferring power to Harris while he completes his routine physical.

The president also sent a formal note to Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, and Patrick Leahy Pro Tempore Senate President notifying them of the duties. He writes that this is in accordance with the twenty-fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution and that he is able to discharge his powers and duties of Office until he can resume them again.

Section 3 of the Amendment states that the president cannot discharge the powers or duties of his office unless he transmits to them an unsigned declaration that the powers and duties will be performed by the VP acting as the president.

Psaki states that Biden would transfer power to the vice presidency for the short period when he is anesthetized just as President Bush did in 2002 and 2007. Psaki states that the White House would release a written summary about Biden’s physical later on. Harris was seen arriving at the White House on Friday morning and then headed for Ohio for an event that highlighted the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

According to a doctor’s report, Biden underwent his final full exam in December 2019, with the doctors adding that he was healthy, vigorous, and fit to succeed.

Psaki was asked by a reporter if Biden would undergo a physical, in which she replied that when he gets the physical they will make all that information available.