Rittenhouse-Lying Media Deliberately Incite Riots In Democrat-Run Cities


The mainstream media has been desperate to use the Kyle Rittenhouse trial as a way to incite riots within Democrat-run towns. Their credibility and influence with the public are completely ruined, so they encourage the left-wing terrorists of Antifa and Black Lives Matter to destroy Dem-run cities.

First, the news platforms tried to incite riots in the Trayvon Martin trial. They spread the lie that Martin was shot in self-defense, adding that the shooter was Hispanic and a racist on the hunt. All evidence proved this to be false. The mainstream media has also used the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot Hoax” to torch Ferguson, Missouri, a predominantly black, Democrat-run municipality. They also used the Freddie Gray Hoax to bring down Baltimore, Maryland, as well as the Jacob Blake Hoax to torch down Kenosha (Wisconsin), a Dem-run municipality.

The media want to show their power by spreading outrageous lies about Kyle Rittenhouse. He is currently being tried for killing three men, two of which were killed. Video clearly shows Rittenhouse acted in self-defense, but the media continues to lie about Rittenhouse being a mass shooter with a race issue. Even though the men he shot were all white.

Readers are repeatedly told that Rittenhouse was a white shooter at a BLM protest while also failing to mention that the men shot were white.

Rep. Cori Bush and other radical left politicians are fanning riot flames and making false statements about how Rittenhouse acquittals would allow “white supremacists to get away with murdering black people” without any political cost to the media.

The media has lied about Rittenhouse being illegally in possession of a firearm, even though the firearm was legal. He has been called a murderer by the media. The media has also spread lies about the Rittenhouse judge as racist, and even used a phone ringtone to start a two-day panic over the judge being a secret Trump supporter.

These are not things you do; you don’t spread lies unless you wish to see Dem-run towns burn to the ground. It’s amazing to see that these very same Dems, who live under constant threat from race riots and lies, are also the same Dems who watch liberal media and subscribe to mainstream networks. They support the media and people who hurl lies about Molotov cocktails into homes, then use more lies and gasoline to flood their streets with gasoline.

These cities have Dems living in them, which is literally giving power to the same monsters that seek to destroy their communities.