Biden Nominee Dodges Sen. Kennedy 9 Times When Asked If Social Justice-Inspired Crimes Should Be Forgiven


Sen. John Kennedy recently asked a Biden nominee for the judicial post whether crimes should be forgiven if committed in the name of social justice. He did not respond despite being asked nine times.

“Do you believe we should forgive criminal misbehavior under the banner of social justice?” On Thursday, the Louisiana Republican asked Anne Traum, United States District Judge for District of Nevada, to forgive criminal misbehavior.

“Senator. Thank you for your question. All issues related to crime and all ways to combat it are policy issues. These are important issues that are important to our community and nation. But, I’d rather leave them up to policymakers if I was confirmed as a judge. Kennedy then asked the same question again. Traum replied.

Kennedy stated, “I’m asking your opinion, not as a judge.” Kennedy said, “I’m not asking your opinion as an individual, or as a professor of law.” I will agree with you all that you will all be fair and impartial. Do you believe that misbehavior or illegal acts should be forgiven in the name of social justice?

Traum stated, “Senator,” before Traum was interrupted and asked again.

Traum replied, “Senator that is not a viewpoint that I have taken on my work.”

“That’s no?” Kennedy was curious. Kennedy asked.

Kennedy asked Kennedy a question about Traum’s personal opinion, and Traum stated again that she had not “taken that view” in the course of her work.

Traum stated, “Senator,” before Traum was interrupted with the same question.

Traum stated that “we have not only criminal laws but we also have a criminal process through which people appear before the court to face accountability if they are charged for a crime.” “I have great respect for this process.

Kennedy replied, “I do too,” before asking the question again.

Traum replied by stating again that she respects criminal justice processes.

Kennedy replied, “I respect the hell out of it,” before asking his original question again.

Traum replied, “I don’t think I can say, with regard to any particular case or as a generality with respect to any category of cases.” “Does anyone have an opinion?” Kennedy was curious. Traum replied, “I don’t have a view on how any specific type of case should be handled.”

Kennedy stated, “If confirmed, you’re going be a federal judge.” “I agree with Sen. Durbin that judicial temperament is important. However, I believe being objective is more important. It’s amazing that you don’t answer my question.”

Kennedy said, “So I’m going back to ask it again. Maybe it’s me.” “Do you think we should forgive a crime in the name of justice social?”

Traum stated, “Senator. I agree that we should be objective but I also believe that our criminal justice system is highly individualized and what should happen in each case is a matter of the process and the specific facts.

Kennedy repeated the question to Traum, who replied by talking about individual case outcomes. Kennedy then cut her off and asked her what her favorite color was.

Kennedy was sarcastic when he heard “Blue” Traum’s answer, which earned him a celebratory celebration. Kennedy said to Traum, “I cannot vote for you, even if you’re going not to answer the questions.” “It was embarrassing.”

Traum, a law professor at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, was nominated by President Biden for the position of district judge. In the coming weeks, Traum and federal nominee Judge Cristina Silva will be subject to confirmation votes.