MSNBC Contributor Can’t Believe Vaccine Policy Under Consideration, Calls It Nuts


MSNBC contributor Charlie Sykes recently reacted negatively to reports about the Biden administration’s plans to combat any winter coronavirus spread. He called the vaccine measures nuts and suggested that they would go too far.

President Biden will announce that all Americans entering the U.S would need to be tested for coronavirus. This applies to everyone, regardless of where they are from or how recent their vaccinations have been. Officials also plan to require all people to take another test within 3-5 business days after arriving.

Skyes posted on Twitter that he is pro-vax and pro mandates, but that needing a negative test and still being subject to fines and quarantine is nuts. Sykes strongly supported Biden’s win last year and frequently appears on MSNBC’s left-wing opinion programs to attack GOP politicians.

These measures are being taken as global concerns grow about the new omicron coronavirus variant. There have been a lot of cases across all five continents. Biden spoke from the White House in direct contrast to the seriousness of potential new measures and stressed that the new variant was a source of concern, not panic.

These measures would be the most stringent travel restrictions imposed by the U.S since the outbreak of the pandemic. People are not too happy with Biden’s handling of the pandemic. 48% said they approve and 49% disapproved.