Princeton University Bans Student Travel Outside The County Until Mid February


Princeton University has informed students that personal travel outside of the county or township is prohibited until February 2, due to an increase in coronavirus variant cases. Jill Dolan, Princeton University’s Vice President, and Dean. W. Rochelle Calhoun announced Monday that students cannot travel outside of Mercer County and Plainsboro Township where Princeton University is located.

The administration announced that all undergraduate students returning to campus for the first time will be barred from traveling outside of Mercer County and Plainsboro Township, except in exceptional circumstances.

According to officials, the travel policy will take effect from January 8th through February 15.

“Student groups with events outside Mercer and Plainsboro should contact the sponsoring office for assistance. They said that they would review and revise the travel restriction if it is possible by February 15. Fox News asked Princeton University what “extraordinary circumstances” would permit students to leave Mercer County and Plainsboro Township. The university did not respond to press time.

Officials also announced that undergraduate students will be able to make a “gradual Return” to campus, which will occur a week later than initially planned.

The officials stated that updated modeling suggested that staggering undergraduates would return to campus over ten days starting January 14 through 23. This will flatten the curve for the campus positivity rate. This will allow the University to better respond to the rise in positive cases students anticipate returning to campus.

Princeton University also requires that all eligible students get a coronavirus booster shot prior to Jan. 31. Billy Wade, a Princeton University junior, said that the new restrictions on travel are “well-intentioned, but potentially unnecessary.”

Wade stated that the travel restrictions that limit students to Mercer County were put in place to prevent students from traveling to New York City to catch the virus and then bring it back to campus. The University is trying to maintain a normal environment where breakthrough cases can be kept to a minimum and as much as possible. According to data from Princeton University, approximately 99% of undergraduate students have had the coronavirus vaccine.

Jill Dolan, Princeton University Dean, and Vice President announced their resignations on Dec. 14. W. Rochelle Calhoun announced the shift to the remote format of all remaining exams that began Dec. 16. This was due to an increase in coronavirus cases.