White House Lifting Omicron Travel Ban On Southern African Countries Amid Spread In US


Biden’s administration lifted the ban on travel from eight African countries to the United States. This announcement is in addition to the restrictions President Biden made last month after discovering an omicron coronavirus variant. South Africa and Botswana were all affected by this travel ban. However, it quickly became apparent that omicron was the most popular American variant.

Fox News reported that Friday’s senior administration official stated that “at the time these restrictions were placed, it became obvious that there was widespread community transmitter in South Africa as also as large cross-border travel within South Africa and very little surveillance of many countries close to South Africa.” These restrictions will be lifted Friday, December 31st at 12:01 AM.

According to the official, the president lifted a travel ban because of more information about the omicron variant. Also, because the United States is so pervasive in omicron that international travelers from these countries will not have any impact on US cases, ”

The president was immediately under pressure after he implemented the ban on African countries. Biden claimed at the time that it was “xenophobic.” ”

Biden announced the travel ban after Anthony Fauci (his chief medical advisor) stated that he wasn’t sure that the White House had enough information to warrant a ban. After the ban was implemented, the U.S. Travel Association asked the president to reconsider.

According to the group, covid variants can be a concern but US closed borders have not prevented them from being in the country. Vaccinations are extremely long-lasting. In recent weeks, the president and other high-ranking officials indicated they were considering lifting the travel ban. But, Friday was the last day for an official announcement.

Omicron can be more contagious than COVID-19 variants, but it is less likely to cause hospitalization or death, particularly among those who have been vaccinated.