Anthony Fauci Says We’re Not Going To Eradicate The Coronavirus


Dr. Anthony Fauci reiterated Wednesday that the world won’t “eradicate the Chinese coronavirus,” despite President Biden’s earlier vow to defeat it. The remarks were made during Wednesday’s White House COVID-19 Response Team press briefing. He also spoke out about the lower severity of the Omicron virus variant.

Fauci stated, “So if you’re going to take a look ahead at what happens to this peaks and then it eventually goes down — as I’ve previously said on past pressers here from The White House: that this is not going to be eradicated.”

“We have only done that with smallpox. It’s not possible to eradicate it; this can only happen with large-scale vaccination programs, like the one we had with measles. He said that it would be controlled in the end, but he did not mention the fact that the public health officials had made it difficult to do so, due to the initial months of lockdowns, restrictions, and continued restrictions almost two years later.

Fauci said, “And if it’s controlled in such a way that it’s at such a low-level, and people get vaccinated, and people are boosted, sooner rather than later, we begin to deal with it, she was referring ti the fact that almost everybody will end up being exposed and most likely getting infected.”

“But, if you are vaccinated, and if your immunity is boosted, there are very few chances that you will get sick.” He said that she meant what he was referring too, and referred to Dr. Janet Woodcock’s remarks at a Senate hearing this past week.

Fauci’s admission that the Chinese coronavirus won’t be eradicated follows a confident declaration by President Biden who had made it a major selling point for his presidential campaign.

Biden made a famous claim that President Trump was responsible in October 2020 for 220,000 deaths from coronavirus. He also strongly argued that the United States should have a President who is “responsible for” such a large number of casualties. Biden has not shown any signs of quitting, despite the fact that the number of coronavirus-related deaths has risen by far. He is, however, now admitting that he will not be in a position to defeat the virus, despite his presidency confidence.