Biden White House Pummeled For Rollout Of COVID Tests Expected To Ship Within 7-12 Days Of Ordering


There is a backlash against the Biden administration over COVID testing being made available to all American households. Critics claim that it is too little too late. Friday’s announcement by the White House stated that 500 million quick at-home tests can be ordered online starting Jan. 19, for free. Two requirements are required for ordering: a name and a mailing address. A government website allows for up to four test orders per household.

The White House admitting that Americans may actually be subject to the COVID test is drawing attention. “Tests will usually ship via the mail within 7-12 business days of ordering and be delivered First Class through U.S. The White House tweeted, “Postal Service.”

Critics ridiculed the Biden administration’s timeline to conduct COVID tests, as some medical professionals predicted that the omicron wave will recede by the end of the month. Abby Phillip, the CNN correspondent, stated that shipping tests take 7-12 days.

Charles Fain Lehman, City Journal contributor, tweeted “This is great. By the time people actually take their tests the Omicron wave’s over.”

“Think about whether you might have COVID. After you have recovered, the geniuses at Biden admin will give you a test! said RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

Stephen L. Miller, a contributing editor to The Spectator wrote that ordering a covid test after you have had your symptoms cleared is perfect. Jessica Taylor, Cook Political Report senior editor, suggested that Amazon would deliver everything she ordered within 48 hours.

“What is Operation Warp Speed’s opposite?” Chuck Ross, Washington Free Beacon reporter.

“So, even though this website does not have an Obamacare-style crash upon rollout,” stated Dan McLaughlin, senior writer at National Review.

There was criticism that the Biden administration did not have enough COVID testing available in the country before the winter surge.

According to Vanity Fair, the president rejected a plan for COVID testing to be increased in October.