Joe Biden, Gretchen Whitmer Underwater With Likely Voters


According to ABC12 News, only 32 percent of Michigan voters had a positive opinion of Biden’s presidency. An overwhelming majority of voters (66%) gave Biden a negative view of his job performance. These numbers include 44 percent who say Biden does a “poor” job and 22 percent who think the president is “just right.”

Biden has been in office for more than a year. He has suffered from poor poll numbers for months, after suffering the consequences of poor decision making, including a supply chain crisis and record-high inflation.

Respondents also gave Whitmer a negative review, who is up for reelection. Only 45 percent said that they had a positive opinion of Whitmer. The majority (52%), however, viewed Whitmer negatively. Three percent were unsure or unwilling to answer.

Only 41 percent of respondents said they would support the governor’s reelection efforts. 49% of respondents stated that they would support the governor’s reelection efforts. 10% did not want to answer.

In a hypothetical matchup between Whitmer, the Republican front-runner for the gubernatorial nomination, and former Detroit Police Chief James Craig (the governor), the lead was five points, 46% to 41%. But 55 percent of respondents didn’t recognize the name of the former chief police officer.

EPIC-MRA conducted the statewide poll on ABC12 News and surveyed 600 Michigan voters. According to the news organization, the poll was conducted “last week” and had a margin of error of four percent.