Michigan Democrats Criticized After Dismissing Parents’ Role In Public Education


Recently, the Democratic Party attacked the notion that parents should have any influence over what public schools teach. Michigan Democrats published a harsh Facebook post applauding parents who want to help their children learn. This post was subject to intense criticism.

According to the Michigan Democratic Party, public education does not have to be about teaching children what parents want. The public school is there to serve the entire community.

The Michigan Democratic Party later deleted the post and apologized.

“We have removed an article that ignored the importance of parents in Michigan’s public school system,” Monday’s post stated. This should not be taken to endorse our elected officials and candidates. ”

The Republicans of the State harshly criticized the original post.

“Gretchen Whitmer and the Michigan Democrat Party continue to be in pockets with teachers unions. They have lost touch with Michiganders and believe that parents should not be involved in their children’s education,” Gustavo Portela (Michigan GOP communications director), stated in a Monday statement to Fox News Digital.

Portela stated, “Studies repeatedly show that parental involvement leads students to success. Gretchen Whitmer’s shutdowns, which resulted in them suffering from learning loss for a year that would affect their lives for many years, have shown that parents are the most important thing students need.

The Wolverine State GOP attacked their political opponents in a Sunday tweet. They claimed that Democrats were ready to “indoctrinate” children with the knowledge society requires. ”

Chris Gustafson (spokesman for the Republican Governors Association) stated Monday that the Democrat Michigan governor should act regarding the situation.

Gustafson said that Gretchen Whitmer must condemn the Michigan Democrat Party and that teachers’ unions should have control over public education.

James Craig, an ex-Detroit police chief and Republican candidate to the governor, issued a statement saying that parents are the “true stakeholder” in their children’s education. He called the Michigan Democrats’ position “disgraceful”, and claimed that they have an agenda of indoctrination rather than education.

The same message about public education was used to defeat Terry McAuliffe, former Democratic Virginia Governor.