Washington Post Columnist Complains Media Is Stuck In Biden Is A Failure Mode


Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post columnist, continued her cheerleading for President Biden in a new column where she attacked the media for being too critical. Biden and his administration have been in the news for their handling of COVID-19, foreign policy, and the economy after one year. Rubin wrote Monday a column in which she stated that “Biden might not find it so difficult to turn the corner” against the negative press.

“But Biden has the opportunity to change this conversation. The Senate has closed the voting rights debate. As one bill, Build Back Better has been voted out. On Friday, you could still hear the tectonic plates creak. The ground was shifting. Rubin wrote that Biden was moving forward.

Rubin blamed the media for focusing too much on Biden’s failures or things he couldn’t achieve, rather than suggesting that Biden was responsible.

“Perhaps he has taken the advice of many Democrats: Do not talk about failures or what you can’t achieve. Rubin wrote that his first year was among the strongest ever.

She claimed that media has remained stuck in the “Biden is a failure” mode and is refusing to move forward as Biden did.

“Biden is a failure” is the media’s default mode. But Biden is clearly moving forward with his successes in the economy, Covid-19 and infrastructure, as well as the American Rescue Plan. She wrote that if inflation slows down and Covid recedes, Biden could look even more formidable on his second birthday.”

Many critics have criticized Biden’s recent failures, including his inability to pass Build back Better, rising inflation rates, and concerns about the omicron version of the coronavirus. Rubin praised the Biden administration’s successes, however.

Rubin stated that Biden also achieved economic gains in his first years — more than 6,000,000 new jobs, wage gains to workers at the bottom income ladder, and cutting child poverty of nearly 40% — and celebrated 210 million vaccinated Americans.