Abortion Isn’t the Winning Issue Democrats Hoped It Would Be


Democrats will take another “L” vote. As it turns out their hope that the abortion issue would draw negative attention to themselves and rally their base was ill-placed.

Daily Wire reports that polling by the RNC found that voters involved in the abortion debate reject Democrat policies. Many lawmakers want no limits.

After news broke about the Supreme Court draft opinion, the polling found that abortion was not the winning issue for Democrats. The economy, crime, and border were the top issues facing voters, according to the release.

Only 1 in 5 independent voters stated that abortion was the primary factor in their decision to vote for a candidate. And only 16% of independent voters believed abortion should be permitted at any stage during a mother’s pregnancy or for any reason.

Although abortion is a major issue for many voters it is not the top issue for 9%. When asked whether they would vote in midterm elections based on recent abortion news, 49% said they were more likely than the 48% of Republicans. (The RNC called this a “statistical tie” between the two parties).

Ronna McDaniel, RNC Chair, stated to the Daily Wire that Americans support commonsense pro-life protections and limits on abortion. However, Democrats are increasing taxpayer-funded unlimited abortion up until the moment of birth. “Voters will hold Biden’s and Democrats responsible for being radicalized, cruel, anti-science and anti-science in November.”

According to the RNC release, 85 percent of Americans support limits on abortion. This doesn’t bode well for Democrats. The Daily Wire also noted that Democrat candidates are afraid to announce any restrictions on abortions for fear of angering their radical base.

This doesn’t necessarily mean Democrats will drop the abortion issue. However, it does suggest that they would alter the final consequence of restricting abortion.

This is exactly what you can see happening. In Chicago, Lori Lightfoot, the Mayor, declared that Republicans would not stop at abortion and instead come for the LGBT community. She then encouraged people to get involved.

Intersectionalism will be their next play. They’ll tell voters they’re on an unstable slope, and that Republicans can take away abortion. What else will they do? Lightfoot recommended that there be no more rights for the LGBT community. They will view abortion as a human right, just like they have always done. Then they will ask women about other rights they can limit. They’ll ask minorities what hardships they will have to endure, and which communities will be the most affected.

My guess is that if abortion cannot carry the torch by itself, it will try to make the picture bigger for voters. They can’t just drop it like they do with other items. This could endanger the loyalty and support of the base. So they’ll likely use it as a foundation for building an anti-Republican case.

It begs the question: If people don’t want this, will they purchase the deluxe version? My guess?

The Democrats will have to accept the fact that they have shot themselves in the foot far too many times to have any support, at least for the midterms.