Do House Dems Want Supreme Court Justices Threatened?


Monday’s unanimous vote by the Senate in favor of the Supreme Court Policy Parity Act 2022 was unanimous. This law requires security details to be given to “any member of the] immediate family or Associate Justice of the Chief Justice or to any officer of Supreme Court if such protection is required.” But despite or more likely because they are resisting the pressure from the House Democrats to pass the bill into law, They may want to keep the Justices intimidated. They do.

Jen Psaki stated that the administration supports protests at Justices’ homes. She said Tuesday that she knew that there was an outrage over peaceful protests and that they continue to encourage them. This follows what Psaki told Fox News’ Peter Doocy on May 5, when she said: “These activists put up a map showing the addresses of Supreme Court justices.” Is this what the President wants?” Psaki replied, “I think that the President’s view is that there is passion.”

Psaki stated this even though such protests were, in fact illegal. Jonathan Turley, a George Washington University law professor, noted Saturday that “Under 18 U.S.C. 1507, it’s a federal crime for protesting near a residence of a judge or jury with intent to influence their decisions. This case is still pending.” However, any law can only be enforced by the authorities.

Monday night, the Senate sent the bill to the House. The problem is that the House Democrats are so busy. Is there a new bill to combat hair racism? They just haven’t got around to addressing the matter. Steny Hoyer, D-N.Y., House Majority Leader, said that Democrats would “certainly look” at the bill, but didn’t give any indication of when they might do so. Hakeem Jeffries, the Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus (D-N.Y.), is trying to succeed Nancy Pelosi to the House Speakership. Jeffries stated that the bill was “certainly going to look” at the House Democrats but did not give any indication of when exactly they might do so.

Washington Free Beacon reported Wednesday that the leading members had not even read the legislation. They are now considering a bill that includes an additional provision that increases the security of the Court’s 40-odd Clerks. This provision is sure to turn off Republicans. Who is protesting outside of the homes and offices of clerks? A clerk is most likely the one who started this intimidation campaign. This idea that clerks’ houses need special protection is completely baseless and clearly an attempt at removing this legislation entirely.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, pointed out the obvious. “This partisan bill at the House ignores good faith work being done here in Senate to build consensus and expands legislation to include divisive clauses like potentially extending protection to the person who leaked draft opinion.” Because the House Democrats have no interest in building consensus and working in good faith, this is because They want unrest. They want the Justices terrorized into submission.

Many firsts will be associated with the Biden administration. This administration was the first to have a dotard for its figurehead, while real decisions were made behind closed doors. This administration was the first to create a fake Oval Office in order to serve its fake president. This administration was the first to prioritize the needs of illegal immigrants over American citizens. This administration was the first to abandon the rule of law to support mob rule. They cheered as Supreme Court Justices were threatened in an effort to scare them enough to vote for what the mob wanted.

Biden would be an American president. He would condemn the House’s ineptness and wrongheadedness and demand that this bill is passed immediately to improve security for Supreme Court Justices and their families. He is something entirely different.