Jen Psaki Shows Hypocrisy in Comments on Threats to Her Family


Jen Psaki was the White House press secretary and complained about the threats she received during her tenure as President Joe Biden’s mouthpiece. She described how she had to involve Secret Service in certain cases.

Psaki said that “I will tell you, the thing that has been most challenging personally to me is that I’ve received threats,” at an event sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor in Washington, D.C.

She said that she had received hateful letters and texts from her personal address. That was my most difficult job.

Politico reported Psaki that she still worries about the safety of her children, aged 4 and 6. She received threats to her home from strangers.

Psaki said that there have been times when I have had [to share information] with the Secret Service and that I have definitely shared information.

According to her press secretary, there has not been any threat made to her house. She claimed, however, that Arlington Republican Party has “a circulation right now” of her address.

Politico reports that Psaki said the safety of her two children, who are 4 and 6 years old, remains “a real concern,” as some of the messages she received were from “people threatening to come to my house.”

At the least, one Twitter user claimed that she had published her address.

The Arlington Republican Party responded to Psaki’s accusations by making a snarky statement about Politico. The Arlington Republican Party stated that it has not “publicly distributed any Biden Administration official’s home addresses,” unlike the hoards of progressive activists who have published the addresses of Justices on the Supreme Court. ”

Psaki’s claim about threats to her family seems rather strange considering the cavalier attitude that she displayed to reporters when asked by reporters how the White House felt about pro-abortion demonstrators protesting at the homes of Supreme Court Justices. ”

The outgoing press secretary stated that he believed that protests had been peaceful so far and that it was appropriate to continue encouraging them.

Psaki did not have enough experience dealing with violence to discourage her. The potential threats to Psaki’s life are only when they are directed at people who aren’t on the same page.