LA Times Claims That if Men Could Get Pregnant, Abortions Would Be Free


The Los Angeles Times published a ridiculous article on Thursday. It’s almost impossible to believe it. It’s serious enough to cause a heart attack, however, because it represents the thoughts of an alarming number of irrational people who are behind the war against men.

It’s sad, really. I can remember loving California in the 90s. Driving around the beautiful mountains and enjoying the sun. Every morning, I would diligently walk out to get my LA Times and read every page. I also laughed at every editorial cartoon.

Those days are gone. Gavin Newsom’s California doesn’t want to me drive, water my lawn or use electricity. The LA Times doesn’t want me reading it. It was a decade ago absolute drivel and wrote more about the porn industry and the suffering of non-citizens than the American people. They stopped caring about the normal Angelenos and only featured the “marginalized”. We all care about each other, but we also care about our loved ones and the future of our beautiful state. The Los Angeles Times is not like that.

Their latest article states that “if men could get pregnant, abortion would be free and baby formula would also be free.” This is a terrible idea. The first published an inflammatory photo to create maximum outrage. It’s not what you want to see, a tiny baby sucking up to the nipple of a hairy-chested and bearded man. This is not nature.

Second, not all men are pro-abortion and many would oppose any attempt to make it free. The notion that everyone would agree to end pregnancies in a world in which men can get pregnant is absurd. Being a father is the greatest gift I have ever received.

Third, gas is used by men. There is a lot of gas. It powers our lawnmowers, drives our hated SUVs, and powers our generators. This keeps our families safe during blackouts which are becoming more frequent in Gavin Newsom’s California ultra-wealthy state.

Is gas-free? It is not. Gas prices are skyrocketing despite the LA Times bestowing magic powers on men of masculine origin. What happened to my magical manpower?!

Beer is also enjoyed by men. Nope. Guns? Guess I have to push the button on my secret man ring and bring them down.

The columnist also suggests:

Importantly, we all can agree that birth control and federal funding for abortion would be available to men if unwanted pregnancies were a constant threat to their lives.

Are you really assuming that men don’t pay any price? It’s all fun and games, and the mother doesn’t have to make sacrifices. We worry a lot too. A father is a key indicator of future success and the ability to avoid the prison system. Our family is expected to provide for their needs. In articles such as this, we are not sperm donors. If you don’t believe we are dad-worthy, don’t bother sleeping with us.

The article concludes that the shortage of baby formula is once again due to the actions of incompetent men.

The unborn are the ideal constituents for religious and political leaders who don’t have the time to deal with real people. It’s easy for them to demand rights for those who need nothing from society. Once they are out in the open, however, they can eat cake if there isn’t enough baby formula.

Let me remind you that the shortage of baby formula is not caused by men in general. It’s due to Joe Biden in particular. His policies have created shortages across all facets of the spectrum and damaged the nation, possibly irreparably. This LA Times columnist is going to try and blame Donald Trump for the shortage of baby formula. According to a survey, the answer is YES.

Why is there such a sudden interest in baby formula? You would advocate for the termination of life if the baby was only a few months old.

The nation once hosted some of the most prestigious newspapers in the world, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Chicago Tribune. With the possible exception of the Wall Street Journal, almost all of them have fallen into the hate-filled and constantly shameful arms of the Democratic National Committee.

Your credibility is ruined if your story includes a picture of a man breastfeeding an innocent child.