Nina Jankowicz Wants to Use Her Power to Edit Your Tweets


Nina Jankowicz heads the “Disinformation Governance Board” as well as Dictator Mary Poppins. It is clear that she has been a total nutcase.

Jankowicz talked about her power and the way she should use it to edit tweets from unverified peasants.

Jancowikz starts by telling her Zoom phone friends that she is verified. Others aren’t verified because they’re not real people, but because they have differing opinions and aren’t trustworthy.

She suggested that verified people like her should be able to “edit Twitter” much in the same way as people edit Wikipedia or “add context to some tweets”.

Jankowicz said that if Donald Trump tweets about voter corruption and is still on Twitter, someone could provide context.

She said, “Adding context so people can see the whole picture instead of just one claim on a tweet.”

This is narrative manipulation. Rand Paul previously stated that the federal government cannot know the truth or misinformation. Jankowicz, and others like them, would be able to add their comments to any tweet you make. This would be narrative reinforcement purely based on her opinion.

According to us, the Ministry of Truth would not support foreign actors spreading disinformation in the country. Alejandro Mayorkas, Department of Homeland Secretary, also said that he would not interfere with people.

This is supposed to be a department that seeks the truth. But the leaders are incapable of telling the truth. It is evident in the way it works.