One Source for Steele Dossier Called It Fake News


We’ve seen what the Clinton team did with the false allegation that Alfa Bank made about President Donald Trump. In an attempt to discredit Trump, they referred the matter to the FBI.

It wasn’t all BS being spread. Charles Dolan was an associate of one of the Steele dossier sources and said that he called it fake news.

New York Post: Charles “Chuck” Dolan Jr. is a veteran public relations executive who seemed shocked by the contents of BuzzFeed’s scandalous dossier published just before Trump was inaugurated. Some of his associates also shared their shock with The Wall Street Journal.

According to the Journal, Dolan was a long-standing ally of Hillary Clinton. He sent an email condemning this dossier hours after it was posted online.

According to reports, he wrote: “I hope this is exposed as fake news. ”

“I will ask people from the intelligence world to discover who did this.”

The Journal reported that many of Christopher Steele’s key details, an ex-British spy, had been revealed to be the result of gossip. Igor Danchenko, Washington, DC, researcher. Olga Galkina, one Danchenko’s former Russian schoolmates, also participated in the gossip.

Later, Danchenko was accused of lying about where the information he provided to Steele came from. However, he claimed that he never spoke to Dolan about the information but that he obtained some information from Dolan (though Dolan did not credit him with the source). The dossier also claimed that Dolan’s statements were not true. Dolan did not say anything “sexually or sexually specific” about the statements he made. However, some people don’t care about reality.

Dolan said that he would not speak while the Danchenko case is pending. Galkina claimed Danchenko never gave her permission to speak about their conversations.

The investigation was so extensive that it caused a great deal of damage to a president. Other media continue to spread lies about Trump.

According to Durham filings, Danchenko claimed that Dolan would “take him to the State Department” if Hillary wins. Fiona Hill participated in both the introduction of Steele to Steele and in the first attempt at impeaching Trump.

It is ironic that the Trump campaign team had many contacts with Russia/Russians.

Danchenko looked frustrated and maybe like someone who wanted to talk after being arrested in February.

“I’m tired. It’s a drag for others.” He said, “May you not play that stupid card game anymore.”

“So, what were you looking for? “You revealed my identity, mocked and made it impossible for me to travel or work, and I spent every cent of my family’s money… What is your goal? “Ask a friend of course. ”

Danchenko also added the “Farewell” but hasn’t been tweeted since February 3, 2013.

The answer here is a simple one — flip on the bigger folks behind the game. That would be the answer for Michael Sussmann as well, but we’ll have to see where that goes as his trial moves ahead. As I reported, some big names are on the witness lists to be called and that can’t make the folks in Clinton-land happy at this point.