Youtube Censors Heritage Foundation Video Of Trump Speech


Big Tech has continued to be adamant about fraud claims in 2020, even though it’s been over a year since Joe Biden was inaugurated. YouTube recently removed a video of former President Donald Trump speaking on the subject at an event in Florida.

Breitbart News received a comment from a spokesperson for Google’s video hosting platform. She confirmed that the speech had been broadcast on the Heritage Foundation channel and had been removed because it violated the tech giants “election integrity” policy.

You can watch the censored speech on Rumble, a rival platform.

YouTube spokeswoman stated that YouTube has temporarily stopped publishing videos and livestreams from Heritage Foundation channels.

The spokeswoman stated that “We removed content and issued a strike at The Heritage Foundation channel because they violated our election integrity policy. This prohibits content that makes false claims that widespread fraud altered the outcome of 2020 U.S. Presidential election.”

This channel has been temporarily suspended from publishing any new videos or livestreams. No matter who the speaker is, our policies apply to all and are enforced consistently.

Kevin Roberts, president of Heritage Foundation, posted a condemnation tweet about YouTube’s decision.

Roberts stated that “Big Tech is an enemy to the people and must be held responsible with policies that hit them where they hurt.”

The 82-minute video was posted on April 21st and received more than 530,000 hits.¬†YouTube’s censorship council decided that Trump’s comments were too offensive and banned us from YouTube for a week.

Roberts concluded that Elon Musk might be interested in buying them.

Recently, the Heritage Foundation took a strong stand against Silicon Valley censors. They publicly refused money from Big Tech companies and supported radical reforms to the laws governing tech companies in order to combat the ongoing censorship of American citizens.