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Democrats Push Green Card Giveaway For Fortune 500 Execs, Foreign Workers

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House Democrats are working together with a few Republican legislators to pass legislation that would increase citizenship incentives for Indians, Chinese and other non-American graduates to pursue white-collar jobs in Fortune 500 companies.

Many American graduates are at risk from the visa giveaway in EAGLE Act 2022. This includes many who were once Republican voters but have recently been critical swing vote supporter for Democrats in 2022.

The act is being discussed even though there has been a sharp decline in the backlog of migrant graduate since 2020. Because President Joe Biden’s deputy converted green cards from chain-migration families to green cards for Fortune 500 workers, the backlog was reduced.

“FAIR strongly opposes H.R. 3648, the EAGLE Act.” 3648),” states Joe Chatham, senior government relations manager at Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). According to the statement:

This bill will undermine the fairness of our immigration system by giving preference to workers from India or China at the expense all other workers around the world. This bill also reduces the diversity of workers who are permanent residents in the U.S. It would not reduce the number of employment-based green card holders, but it would create more competition for American workers and enrich Big Tech.

The bill, which could be combined with another bill, is being supported by 83 House sponsors led by Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), who represents many Silicon Valley business interests.

The bill has been cosponsored by eight Republicans, including Rep. Tom Emmer (R – Minnesota), who was the manager of the Republicans’ narrow win in 2022. Emmer narrowly defeated Jim Banks (R–IN) last week for the position of GOP whip.

Another supporter of the outsourcing bill is Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (Republican from Pennsylvania). He is also cochairman of the establishment-minded Problem Solvers Caucus. He also supports a farmworker amnesty to help agricultural investors.

Rep. Don Bacon (R.NE), co-leader of Main Street Caucus is also a supporter for the giveaway to Fortune 500 and foreign graduates.

Ironically, the bill’s support from heartland Republicans comes at a time when investors in major coastal cities are less likely to hire Ohio, Indiana or Minnesota graduates.

Instead, investors can take advantage of the EAGLE Act’s fast-track provisions to hire and import more compliant Indian and Chinese students for jobs in their coastal states. Investors would feel more pressure from the labor market to invest in the heartland states if they were unable to fly in foreign workers.

The Fortune 500 and investors

Business donors strongly support the bill, as they want to hire many more foreign workers at a time when many American graduates are being laid off in technology companies like Twitter and Facebook.

FWD.us is prioritizing the bill for Silicon Valley investors:

Due to the per-country caps, there has been a huge backlog that leaves immigrants and their families waiting for years to get their green cards. This is simply due to their origin country. It limits their ability to travel, work, and contribute and presents significant challenges for their families. This makes America less attractive to international talent and hinders our competitiveness. To ensure fairness and reduce the backlog of green cards, Congress should pass per country cap reforms like the bipartisan EAGLE Act.

Many bills have been pushed by coastal investors to increase the use of foreign workers. The Midwest Senators stopped another pipeline of foreign graduates this year.

Investors and advocates would rather focus on the bill’s elimination of pro-diversity country caps in the annual award 140,000 green card to foreign employees of U.S.-based companies.

The bill also establishes a “greencard lite”, which allows foreign workers to obtain permanent work permits within two years of their employer approval for a greencard.

Both provisions will speed up the award of legalization bonuses to Chinese and Indian workers. This will allow Fortune 500 executives to fill more white-collar positions with foreign workers through the unlimited, uncapped and open-ended Optional Practical Training program (OPT).

Universities are able to grant work permits to international graduates who have enrolled in their courses through the OPT program. The program provides Fortune 500 companies with several hundred thousand foreign graduates every year, who are eager and desperate. They also receive low-tax and partially free work permits. After Microsoft failed to expand H-1B, a three-judge panel in Washington D.C. declared the OPT program legal.

The bill’s supporters prefer to concentrate on the country caps and not the incentives for more foreign graduates seeking jobs in the United States.

To ensure that green cards provided by employers are distributed to all citizens of many countries, the country caps were created. These caps limit the country’s ability to receive green cards up to 7 percent.

The Fortune 500 and its network of investors have illegally imported more than one million million compliant and cheap graduates, while offering the deferred-bonus carrot to U.S. citizenship. These workers can work in the United States under the H-1B and L-1 programs. Most expect to be able to apply for green cards after several years of service.

Foreign workers are encouraged to work in the United States by the deferred citizenship bonus, regardless of their waiting period.

This taxpayer-funded bonus is worth at most $1 million per job because it allows foreign workers, plus their families, and all of their grandchildren, to leave Asia and become Americans.

This bonus has a huge value that is more than the compensation given to American workers. It also costs companies far less than the cost of applying green cards.

The resultant influx of migrants has hampered the green card process.

For example, in March 2022, 900,000.000 foreign workers and their families waited for green cards. This was despite the fact that U.S. employers were not aware of the increasing number of Americans who are underemployed, trained to fill the same jobs as foreign workers.

The brutal nature of the labor pyramids, as well as the lack of federal oversight, encourage widespread law-breaking. This includes discrimination against Indians in U.S. workplaces.

Aabha, a contract worker, told Breitbart that many Indian visa workers take multiple contract jobs and invite friends from India to do extra work.
Many major companies have been crippled by workplace conflicts and outsourcing, including Boeing and Intel.

Opponents point out that the bill won’t reduce the backlog since it doesn’t prevent companies from hiring more foreign workers than the annual supply.

FAIR noted that even if per-country caps were removed for employment-based green card, it would not reduce the backlog.

700,000 Indian migrants who have been working for years and are waiting for green cards would be the direct beneficiaries of EAGLE Act. Approximately 100,000 white-collar Chinese workers must also wait while they work.

India is home to the largest percentage of the Indian workforce. This is because India’s government collaborates with American investors to ensure that India gets the best possible outsourcing. Because China’s vast population is full of highly intelligent people, many Chinese graduates are employed.

The risks that the U.S. relies on foreign workers are dismissed by business advocates. These risks include loss of intellectual property, privacy and security in a crisis as well as the displacement of U.S. talent.

The bill’s supporters claim it will remove the country cap of 7 percent from Indian and Chinese workers.

The law is complex and has many loopholes. This means that nationals of these two countries often receive green cards much higher than the “country cap” (7 percent). For example, Indians received over 120,000 cards in 2022 or nearly 100 percent of the annual average.

The 2022 rush for extra green cards enabled three to four years of Indian workers get green cards. It also ended the Indian backlog in two of the three categories that are employer green cards.

The newly legalized Indian graduates can now compete with American workers and import more Indians to fulfill subcontracting contracts.

This inflow is good news for American workers, but not for their salaries. Paul Krugman, a New York Times columnist, wrote that most college graduates have seen their real incomes decline or stagnate since 2000.

FAIR stated that “for decades, Washington lawmakers have ignored the practice to replace Americans with ‘temporary foreign workers’.”

It is time to replace the current employment greencard system with one that is merit-based and offers a reasonable amount of green cards to qualified applicants. The EAGLE Act, which does nothing to help American workers and further strengthens foreign workers’ position in the American labor market, must be rejected.

According to Mark Krikorian (director of the Center for Immigration Studies), “There’s clearly an electoral opportunity in blocking this bill.”

This bill is a bad idea and should be blocked by Republicans. It hurts American workers… Liberal graduates are being fooled by big business. It would be hilarious if these consequences weren’t so damaging, since progressivism has become a capital tool.

Officials from the government try to increase the economy’s productivity and exports. Officials want quick results so they also seek to increase the economy by importing millions of people from poor countries to work as consumers and workers.

This policy floods labor markets and shifts large amounts of wealth from the ordinary population to older investors, coastal billionaires, Wall Street, and Wall Street. This policy makes it hard for ordinary Americans not to get promoted, marry, have children, own homes, and gain wealth.

The impact of migration on employees’ rights at work is detrimental. It also widens regional economic disparities between the Democrats’ low-labor coast states and the heartland states and southern states of the Republicans.

Establish Republicans, media companies, and major GOP donors conceal the skew toward investors by ignoring the impact on the pockets and by trumpeting border chaos and welfare spending, migrant crimes, and drug smuggling.

Numerous polls indicate that the public would welcome some immigration. However, the polls show that the public is opposed to labor migration and the inflow of temporary workers into the jobs required by blue-collar and White-Collar Americans.

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