During his first days in office, President Biden gave the Oval Office a makeover and had many of the flags and paintings former President Trump added to the room removed. He issued that this was a move to advocate for respecting science and the right to racial equality.

One of the most notable items President Biden ditched during his first few hours in office were the military flags that had been on display during Trump’s term. Former President Trump displayed the flags in honor of former Presidents John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, and Richard Nixon.

The Biden Administration removed most of the military flags in office that represented the U.S Army, the U.S Navy, U.S Marine Corps, U.S Air Force, and the U.S Coast Guard. Only two flags were left – the United States and the one with the presidential seal. President Biden has been unclear on whether or not the flags would be returning to office. The left only seems to respect the military when it’s to the advantage of keeping them safe from protesters.

President Biden also added darker gold curtains and the blue Oval Office rug from back during the Clinton-era. He brought back the 1917 “Avenue in the Rain” impressionist painting which depicts a series of American flags, and placed busts of César Chávez, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King in the room. He removed the bust of Winston Churchill that Trump had reinstated and the painting of former President Andrew Jackson, the first Democrat to hold office. Former President Jackson had been recently scrutinized by the radical left for ties to slavery and the oppression of Native Americans.

Five photos were also placed in the room, including Franklin Roosevelt, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson. While the Biden staff acknowledged Hamilton and Jefferson to be political rivals, they noted that the two remained historic figures in the formation of the country. Wasn’t the cancel culture just attacking all of these American heroes last summer?

While decorative items can be chosen or borrowed from the White House museums, the Oval Office has changed very little except in its furnishings since 1934. Users on social media pointed out the everlasting rough relationship between President Biden and the military, including a reference to the remark he made on March 7, 2016, at a military base in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

“I have incredibly good judgment. One, I married Jill. And two, I appointed Johnson to the academy. I just want you to know that. Clap for that, you stupid bastards. Man, you are a dull bunch. Must be slow here, man. I don’t know,” President Biden said.

While some took note that the President appeared to be joking, others found the insensitivity to our U.S military personnel to be alarming and that removing the honorable flags from office is just the next step in trashing and tormenting our troops. You never can tell when it comes to the radical left.