House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently spoke to National Guard troops and thanked them for protecting “democracy” in the U.S Capitol building. A mob of Trump supporters had stormed the building to object to the certification of the 2020 presidential election results after a number of election fraud cases came to light.

This is a different stance for the House Speaker than at the beginning of June last summer. She had written a letter to President Trump raising concerns over the thousands of National Guard troops and federal law enforcement officers who were sent to put an end to riots over police brutality. She also expressed outrage over the troops stationed around the Lincoln Memorial, which had been targeted by vandals before.

“We are concerned about the increased militarization and lack of clarity that may increase chaos. I am writing to request a full list of the agencies involved and clarifications of the roles and responsibilities of the troops and federal law enforcement resources operating in the city,” Speaker Pelosi wrote.

She went on to say that Congress and the American people need to know who is in charge, what the chain of command is, and what their mission is. This differs from the praise she recently gave a group of guardsmen in Washington D.C. in saying that the Capitol, our democracy, and our constitution is safe because of their patriotism. Pelosi continued with her hypocrisy through a recent tweet in supporting the troops regarding the Capitol Incident.

“Even during this dark time in the history of America, we find reasons for hope. It was my privilege today to personally thank members of the National Guard who are working to protect our nation’s Capital. Thank you for your commitment to our American democracy,” she wrote.

Social media users reminded her that the Democrat Party supported the burning and robbing of businesses that had nothing to do with their cause, but condemned people who stormed the government building when they were mad at the government. They also reminded her of calling the federal troops “stormtroopers” after they were sent to various cities to quell BLM/Antifa violence.

Since the incident at the U.S Capitol, officials have deployed 25,000 National Guard members to Washington D.C as President-elect Biden’s inauguration draws near. Speaker Pelosi hasn’t referred to this many troops as a “shocking deployment” like she did last year because it protects her narrative this time around. The FBI has also warned of “armed protests” and those stationed at the Capitol Hill have been granted the authority to use lethal force to protect Congress members.

Democrats have spent months trying to defund the police and wipe law enforcement funds, but now that they are the ones needing to be protected, the tune has changed.