Police Union President Blames Recent Crime Sprees On Defund The Police Movement


The “defund the police” movements haven’t been working out too well for Dem-led cities where entire police departments have either resigned or been forced to abandon their departments.

Just the other day, the entire Kimberling City Police Department in Missouri abruptly resigned over degrading conditions, lack of adequate pay, and available assistance and resources through the city. And now, another police department is blaming all of the recent crime sprees on “defund the police” movements. Democrats wanted to dismantle policing and weaponize race as a lens under any social situation, but they only ended up harming communities that needed law enforcement the most.

The Oakland Police Department recently dealt with a two-day crime spree where they dealt with a double homicide, an officer-involved shooting, a triple shooting, a stabbing, and another fatal shooting.

The president of the Oakland Police Officers Association Barry Donelan blamed the Oakland City Council in a press release for voting to “defund the police” in the first place. He said they needed to stop the attrition because they are losing about 10 officers a month and called the crimes “extremely taxing” to those on duty at the time.

Police Chief Laronne Armstrong adds that the City of Oakland has experienced an “unprecedented level of violence” that has resulted in the loss of 94 lives in the city this year. He explained how the department is “stretched beyond capacity” as they manage multiple critical incidents regarding the gun violence that is traumatizing local families and communities. He said they remain committed to providing support and public safety to their community as they continue to be exposed to the “harsh reality of life’s tragedies.”

“As violent crime increases in Oakland and throughout our country, we continue to work together through these trying times. We work closely with our City leaders/departments, and community organizations, such as the Department of Violence Prevention, Alameda County District Attorney’s Office, and our local and federal law enforcement partners, focusing our efforts to reduce violent crime and hold those accountable,” Armstrong put in a statement.

But Fruitvale district city council member Noel Gallo has denied that the latest budget cut affected the department, adding that it only “transferred some responsibilities” away from them. Gallo said the officers should not be motivated by paychecks, but by protecting our children and families. City council members have continued to emphasize that they only “reduced a proposed increase,” but did not cut the budget.

Some critics, however, have pointed out that the city council moved $17 million from the police department to social programs. Instead of getting $17 million more, they only got $9 million. Not to mention, the budget cut occurred at a time where the city was already experiencing growing crime rates.

Even Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf opposed the funding cut, adding that the city could lose up to 50 officers over it. The department has already experienced increased 911 response times due to staffing shortages.

Some Democrats have even been sick and tired of “defund the police” being aligned with their political party, adding that it only tarnishes their reputation and destroys any chances for a 2022 midterm election. It cost them a handful of House seats in the 2020 elections, even though they can’t seem to completely dismiss the messaging.

Back in July, former Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe accepted the endorsement of a group that wants to defund the polish, abolish prisons, and ICE. He was recently asked by Montgomery County Sheriff Hank Partin whether he supports “defund the police” movement, in which McAuliffe lashed out.

“First of all, Sheriff, I am proud to accept any endorsements. I get hundreds and hundreds and hundreds. Groups that endorse me, I don’t know everything they do. Have I ever supported ‘defund the police’? Are you out of your mind? I have invested in law enforcement. I just went through 25 minutes of telling you what I do for the police. Not defund it. I funded them!” McAuliffe yelled.

Partin replied, “So you’ll never support defunding?” In which McAuliffe said he would not even “dignify” to give that an answer, adding that his track record of four years as governor should show enough about how he feels about law enforcement.

Partin then replied that it was “unbelievable” and that he doesn’t believe an answer to either one of those questions. McAuliffe then started yelling at the County Sheriff that he has a record and is proud of it.

At this point, it should be clear that the police in blue cities are no longer appreciated. Governors in red states have continued to advocate the support for our men and women in blue. That doesn’t work in the leftist’s agenda unless you pull all of the police from the gated neighborhoods in exchange for social workers. Then the Democratic elite will want some additional security.