Massive Crime Wave Is Killing Kids & Nobody Is Talking About It


There has been a massive crime wave across the country and gangs are eating kids alive in the streets. According to shocking new data from the New York Police Department, the number of shootings involving kids under 18 this year just reached 105, compared to 48 over the first nine months of 2019. 21 kids have been killed by street violence so far this year, as compared to 6 in the first nine months of 2020.

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea warned city officials that the crisis in teams being shot is killed is getting worse and that they are facing a “real crisis” over it. He also slammed the mainstream media and government officials for being so quiet about it, adding that most of the shootings have been driven by gangs, drugs, robbery, and other motivates. He said it seems like the Black lives of these adolescents being shot and killed by other Black teens doesn’t seem to matter to Black Lives Matter activists and elected officials.

Some of the stories involved a 16-year-old getting shot in broad daylight outside an NYCHA complex, a 17-year-old getting struck in the chest by a stray bullet, a 14-year-old getting wounded in the ankle by a stray bullet while walking in the Bronx, and a 16-year-old who took a bullet in the leg after a verbal argument.

NYPD also reported six teens being murdered over the course of the last three days alone. A boy and a girl were both stabbed outside of Truman HS in the Bronx and a week earlier six people were injured when violence occurred outside of the same high school.

While criminal activity continues to circulate around Brooklyn, council members are too busy looking to terminate the NYPD’s gang database in general. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio even announced a new “community guide” program, which would essentially put a customer-service driven greeter at the front of each police department. He said the police’s main focus should be on “customer service.”

Democrat-dominated cities have seen violent crime rise far more than the national average. Murder in Chicago rose 50%, 44% in New York, and 38% in Los Angeles, with the total cost of those crimes costing nearly $2 billion. Arson cases rose by 35%. The FBI also estimated 1,000 fewer police officers.

Between April 2020 and April 2021, the rate of hiring within police departments dropped by 29% while the number of police killed by criminals increased 46%. The mainstream media, Black Lives Matter advocates, and liberal governors are to blame for the disaster, but there’s no doubt that zero accountability is being held. The mainstream media, such as the New York Times, has continued to hide the numbers by claiming that murder is “rising at a slower rate” in 2021 than 2020.

The reports also reveal that Democrats released around 200,000 state and local prisoners under “COVID-19 protocols” last year, including 18% of felons held in state jails.

“In 2016, I warned that the Democratic Party’s criminal-leniency policies “threaten a return to the worst days of the 1990s.” Last year, the murder rate returned to 1997 levels. This year it is expected to descend deeper into the 1990s. This devastation and the devolution of the rule of law will continue until we change course,” Sen. Tom Cotton wrote in a Breitbart op-ed.

Instead of hiring greeters to work on “customer service” and pushing policies that escalate low-level criminal activity, Democrats should be working to save their cities and its children. They are too worried about acting as a community greeter for their cities and excusing criminals to see the real threats. Democrats will keep criminalizing citizens and decriminalizing crime just to turn around and act like “saviors” ready to save the day.