Virginia Dept. Of Education Website Promotes CRT Despite McAuliffe Claims It’s Never Been Taught There


Critical Race Theory is a term that has been used on the Virginia Department of Education’s website, despite Terry McAuliffe, a Dem candidate, claiming that it is not being taught in Virginia. There have been a variety of examples displayed on the Department of Education’s website that promote Critical Race Theory, which is another indicator that everything McAuliffe says is a lie. He has lost the trust of the parents by taking the side of radical-left educators and now he’s trying to backtrack his claims.

The Department of Education website has talked about CRT a number of times including a presentation from 2015 encouraging teachers to embrace Critical Race Theory in order to re-engineer our students’ attitudes and beliefs. McAuliffe had been the state governor at that time. The ideology was also promoted in a memo from February 2019 when Ralph Northam as governor, along with the notion that they must watch out for ‘white fragility.’

Officials also discovered a memo from James Lane, Superintendent of Public Instruction, which suggested to Virginia schools to endorse Critical Race Theory in Education as a tool to spur further developments in the classroom.
Christopher Rufo, a City Journal reporter, revealed McAuliffe’s recent claims that CRT was a racist dog whistle and that it has never been taught in Virginia despite evidence to the contrary. McAuliffe had stated that Virginia has not taught the controversial curriculum and that it was “racial”, “divisive” and used by Republicans to divide people. These claims are absurd as the GOP is trying to prevent the teaching of the divisive curriculum in schools.

Rufo posted screenshots of the department’s website, citing Critical Race Theory as the “best practice” in education. McAuliffe’s campaign didn’t respond to the screenshots about CRT being present in Virginia schools. The Virginia Department of Education also declined to comment.

Recent criticisms of the Virginia DOE stemmed from promoting a book telling teachers how to embrace CRT theories. Virginia officials have highlighted the influence of CRT on their work and spent over $30K for CRT training this summer.

McAuliffe has made education a topic of a heated discussion with his GOP rival Glenn Youngkin, who has taken some of McAuliffe’s lead in the polls. Youngkin’s educational stance has been supported by a strong majority of parents. Parents have the right to decide what their children learn.

Many critics have noted that it is a violation of the 10th amendment for the federal government to attempt to take responsibilities originally left to the states. Now, radical-left teacher unions are attempting to organize and dictate to the states and parents what is to be taught. Parents are seeing the curtain being pulled across the nation and are taking action now.