Anti-Biden Rallying Cry Lets Go Brandon Causes Mainstream Media Meltdown


Liberal reporters and corporate media have joined forces together for a common cause. Democratic pundits to supposedly neutral reporters have tried to shut down three words: “Let’s Go, Brandon. After an NBC reporter claimed that NASCAR Xfinity Series races fans were chanting “Let’s Go Brandon”, it was revealed later that they were shouting “F-–k Joe Biden!”

Insults and comments began to spread over the internet, posted by users mocking the NBC reporter during the interview. During the decline in poll numbers, the “F–k Joe Biden” chants were used at large sporting events. They have been replaced by “Let’s Get Brandon” chants. Clay Travis, the founder of Outkick, said that “this is, I believe, a witty, funny viral take on media’s dishonesty”.

The chant’s popularity angered the left and prompted a torrent of angry tweets, columns, and hot takes by liberal pundits. NPR called the term “vulgar” while CNN’s Edward Issac Dovere said that the phrase was a joke-telling Biden to do a sexual act.

Kennedy calls out media hypocrisy regarding the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ chant. He said it has been far less vulgar and widespread than any seen during previous administrations. CNN also complained about the chant being uttered on air by New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman. She spoke somberly of Jeff Duncan, GOP Congressman, wearing a mask that had the phrase “Let’s Go, Brandon.”

Reporters were then hyperventilated at the possibility that a pilot might use the term.

Editor Cathleen Decker wrote about the problems on her Southwest flight, adding that Colleen Long almost got kicked off. Clay Travis went on to write that the airline’s display of anti-Biden jokes show that ‘everyday America gets more insane’

Long tweeted about trying to go on vacation but then the pilot said the “exact thing you were working on” over the loudspeakers and you have to attempt to get him to comment but then almost get taken from the plane.
Will Bunch, an opinion columnist at the Philadelphia Inquirer, declared that he would never fly Southwest again.

CNN analyst Asha Rangeappa likened the pilot to an ISIS sympathizer. She tweeted that her guess was that the plane would be grounded immediately and that the pilot would be fired.

Sen. Ted Cruz later replied to her post that CNN is deranged. Liberals have spent many years celebrating and applauding vulgar language directed at President Donald Trump. Robert De Niro received a standing ovation at the Tony Awards from the glamourous Hollywood crowd by simply saying, “f-k Trump.”

Mark Hemingway, a journalist, took note of the hypocrisy. He mocked the left via Twitter. Hemingway wrote that “The Let’s Go Brandon anguish is really something” and added, “You don’t get decades of normalizing the profane or politicizing every public square and then pretend decorum was breached when someone says something you don’t agree with in an inappropriate setting.