Biden Appears To Read End Of Quote From Teleprompter During Gas Price Inflation Speech


During a recent speech on rising gas prices, President Biden seemed to be reading the technical instructions given by his teleprompter. Biden stated that the actions they’ve taken have caused things to change. He read “end of quotation” off the screen before moving on to the next sentence.

Biden made the comment during a speech on rising gas prices and economic growth, in which he also gave a Thanksgiving message.

He said he is grateful that the people have elected him to be the president and that he promises to never stop trying to meet the American family’s needs. He said that together we will face the challenges honestly and continue building this economy around hardworking people. He went on to say Happy Thanksgiving and that may God bless you and God protect our troops.

Biden told reporters later that he was leaving to work at a soup kitchen and didn’t answer any questions. One reporter even shouted, “When are you going to answer our questions?” The Biden administration has been repeatedly accused of not being in control of his communications and has cut the feed of Biden’s briefings. The most recent one was in Boise, Idaho when he was talking about wildfires with federal officials.

August was a difficult month for the president. He was just about to answer a reporter’s question regarding his administration’s deadline to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. In March, Biden said that he was happy to answer questions while speaking at a virtual event with Democratic lawmakers. The White House also removed Biden’s feed.