Biden Calls For Calm But Says Rittenhouse Not Guilty Verdict Leaves Him Angry And Concerned


After the Kyle Rittenhouse jury verdict, President Joe Biden urged Americans to protest peacefully and adhere to the law, adding that he was angry and concerned.

Biden said he urges everybody to express their opinions peacefully and consistently with the law. He notes that any violence, destruction of property, and violence have no place within our democracy. Biden stated that his administration has been in contact with the Wisconsin Governor to prepare for any outcome in the case.

Biden states that he spoke with the Governor and offered support and any assistance necessary to ensure public safety.

Biden stated that while the Kenosha verdict will make many Americans angry and worried, he also said that they must recognize that the jury had spoken. He said he ran on the promise to bring Americans together, adding that he remains steadfast in his determination to ensure every American is treated equally under the law.

The recent verdict by Kenosha jurors was that Rittenhouse was not guilty of all charges.

Biden tweeted an image of Rittenhouse during his presidential campaign, trying to link him with Trump and White supremacists. Biden didn’t answer recent questions about his past criticisms of Rittenhouse and, instead, said he stood by the verdict.