Cuomo Fires Back At Sheriff, AG James Over Criminal Charges


Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo recently accused Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple and state Attorney General Letitia James of “abuse” and incompetence following last week’s released misdemeanor sexual crime report.

The Democrat tweeted how in the past 72 hours, Sheriff Apple and James have “epitomized” politics, incompetence, and abuse of law. Apple filed a criminal complaint in the Albany City Court alleging that Cuomo had groped Brittany Commisso last year at the governor’s mansion.

Cuomo, who quit office in August, claimed that the charges were politically motivated and based only on thin evidence. Sunday’s press release from Cuomo stated that James and Apple are “political friends” who “abuse their office and put their agenda above their constitutional duty.” He went on to say that both officials have not provided any evidence to support these allegations against Commisso.

The release stated that politics should be kept apart from law enforcement, adding that citizens elect their leaders through elections, not by political prosecution of opposition. Cuomo claims this is the fundamental rule James and Apple have “broken” and has demanded justice to be rectified.

Apple spoke at a press conference on Friday and said that he was confident in this case’s strength and that politics did not play any role, adding that the governor’s operatives are considered bullies. James, who was in charge of the independent investigation that found Cuomo had sexually harassed at most 11 women, applauded Apple’s decision and released a statement stating that the criminal allegations brought today against Mr. Cuomo for forcible touching “further validate” our findings.

James, a Democrat, announced her intention to run as governor Friday, just one day after the complaint had been filed. If anyone knows about incompetence and abuse of the law, it’s Cuomo.