Documents Show Hunter Biden Using Family Leverage In Prospective Deal


According to newly discovered documents, the Biden family was to receive a deal to transfer American gas to China’s energy company CEFC. The deal is a result of the massive scale back in U.S energy production under the Biden admin.
Never before reported documents, including the “laptop of hell” Hunter used to work on a 2017 deal to transfer liquid natural gas from Louisiana from CEFC. He had also discussed a business venture with the Chinese firm that would have “10 percent” held by H, the “big guy” but the deal never came to fruition.

However, Hunter would not be stopped by the Chinese players from the deal. They would continue to push Hunter to help his dad mount a bid for the presidency years later.

An intermediary, JiaQiBao, was sent an email on October 23rd, 2017 to Hunter Biden and his Chinese business associates. It thanked Hunter and Joe Biden’s brothers, Jim, for organizing a meeting with Greg Michaels (the president of Monkey Island LNG natural gas liquefaction plant in Louisiana) and detailed plans for the discussion.

Hunter and Jim Biden were not content with using their family name to secure high-profile meetings for foreign clients.

It was reported that Hunter was responsible to pay family expenses. Hunter told his daughter once that he had to “pay everything for this entire family.” Hunter sent a 2019 text message, which was found on his laptop, to Naomi. It stated that he hoped his daughters would be able to do the same and provide for their entire family for the next 30 years.

Bao also sent another email to discuss the plans for the venture on October 29, 2017. Bao wrote to Ye Jianming to ask Hunter to help him. Hunter has “access” to the decision-makers required to approve the transfer of essential natural resources to foreign entities. Ye Jianming was the junior Biden’s friend. He was linked to the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army, and he was then mysteriously detained in China in 2018.

Bao sent a third email in December 2017, with the subject “updates from you good trooper.” It contained an attachment that included extensive research about Louisiana’s energy industry.

Bao allegedly created the “industry overview” which provides details about the U.S. natural gas industry. It includes information on how climate affects output, how natural gas is distributed across the United States, from where it comes from, as well as pipeline networks and infrastructure. Local tax policy and incentives are also included. Shipping costs and details are also included.

A report on Biden family FARA compliance compiled in November 2020 by Senator Chuck Grassley, shows that Ye Jianming used the Bidens as mechanisms to “build power” in securing U.S. businesses — however, the CEFC natural gas deal was canceled in 2018.

Hunter Biden reportedly started working with Ye on a deal that would have involved a $40m investment in a natural-gas project on Monkey Island in Louisiana. This deal reportedly fell through in 2018.

Ye had to build influence in order to be successful with his future business ventures in the United States. According to recently released records, Hunter Biden and James Biden were meant to do exactly that for CEFC. Based on Hunter Biden’s family history and political influence, it seems that James Biden and James Biden were agents for CEFC. They had both planned roles with CEFC investment vehicles and worked to secure financial deals for Ye. This would ultimately benefit the communist Chinese government.

Hunter’s communication continued with JiaQi bao after the Monkey Island agreement. She wrote to Hunter in March 2019, asking him to “help Uncle Joe run as President.” Bao also included a list of reasons why he believes Joe Biden would be a better leader than then-President Trump. Bao, who is the intermediary between Hunter’s corrupt business partners in China and CCP assets, discusses a range of character traits and policy issues that she believes Joe Biden has a strong grasp on.

The Biden Administration called on OPEC and other oil suppliers to increase their oil supply to meet rising demand when domestic oil supplies started to fall. Biden called China President Xi Jinping last week to ask him to open up his oil reserves to help stabilize rising oil prices.