Indiana Teacher Who Exposed CRT Teaching Put On Leave, Has Email Locked, Banned From School Buildings


A school administrator from Indianapolis recently went viral after explaining how Critical Race Theory is being used on children. He was told to work remotely because he was making other staff members anxious.

Tony Kinnett, the Indianapolis district science coordinator, and instructional coach said the Indianapolis Public Schools have suspended his access to email & Google Drive. He said that he has been forced to work from home for the past two weeks because staff reportedly have clinical anxiety over working with him. Kinnett said when he went to his office to pick up books, each member of his team was contacted by phone so they could leave the building.

Kinnett stated that he was banned from visiting any school or hosting professional development and pledged to continue sharing information that he had already downloaded from the district. He said in a Twitter thread that it’s good that I downloaded all the other racist documents and videos from the public service server weeks ago.

Kinnett made virality earlier this month when he posted a video describing how CRT was taught in Indianapolis schools and claimed that administrators lie when they say otherwise.

Kinnett, a highly-successful teacher, said he was placed on paid leave because of the “clinical anxiety” among his colleagues. Kinnett also claims that he was blocked from accessing his email account and that his key card for school entry was disabled.

Kinnett stated that they’ve received a lot of calls, texts, and emails from people who refuse to work alongside with him. They have banned him from entering their buildings.

Kinnett said that these concerns were unfounded as he has not released any information non-public. He also stated that he would be filing a FOIA request to confirm that there have been complaints against the district.

Kinnett claimed that he was told by various Human Resources administrators and staff that any negative feedback he got from the school was his fault. Kinnett claims that his boss informed all his colleagues that Kinnett would be visiting a school to collect books.

Kinnett claims he hasn’t been told that he is not employed, but he says he was warned in the last few weeks to stop posting publicly accessible information about Critical Race Theory online.

Kinnett stated that parents deserve to be informed about what’s happening in Indianapolis, regardless of their position or whether they are employed. They deserve to know, regardless of whether they agree or disagree with it.