Montana Democrat Suspends Campaign For Congressional Seat


Montana Dem Chair Laurie Bishop recently announced that she will suspend her campaign for the new congressional seat in the state in order to run for reelection at her current seat in the House.

Her announcement comes just one week after the redistricting commission of the states submitted their final congressional map. This indicates the two House district boundaries to the secretary of state’s office. According to reports, Bishop’s plan to run for was not as friendly to Dems as she had hoped. 

She was the first Dem to announce her candidacy for the seat in July, stating that she would run in the district which includes Missoula’s liberal college. She put in a statement that public service has always been at the heart of her decision not to run for Congress.

She said she is grateful to have had this opportunity and thankful for everyone who came along with us. She said they ran a campaign that was focused on people and that she is so proud of what they were able to accomplish in just a few short months. Bishop raised $116K in the quarter and received contributions from more than 1,300 people.

Courtney Parella, a spokesperson for the National Republican Congressional Committee, stated that Bishop saw what was written on the wall: Dems have been doomed in this cycle, so she made the smart decision to quit.

Pastor Mary Todd, Al Olszewski, and Ryan Zinke (ex-Secretary of Interior, USA), make up the GOP field.

Trump supported Zinke in July, adding that Ryan would fight against Radical Left Dems, who continue to block the America First agenda they put in place. The Dem party continues to struggle to find candidates to fill the House’s tough seats, with many incumbents announcing early retirement or running for another office.

Redistricting is a difficult battle for Dems in certain states. This is unlike Montana where Dems were able to create a new seat in Congress after having only one for years.