Biden’s Handling Of Coronavirus Pandemic Given Mixed Reviews By DC Tourists, Residents


Washington, D.C. residents, and tourists recently gave mixed reviews of President Biden’s handling of COVID-19.
A man named Eric said that he would rate the film “pretty poorly”. Another man, Jose, said that it was only a year but he could have done better.

Diana, a woman from California, said that the COVID pandemic was a difficult situation and that he is trying his best given the Trump legacy. Biden stated that he was going to use science and speed instead of chaos and confusion while revealing his COVID-19 Winter Plan.

A woman named Vivian said that Biden had not handled the pandemic well. She stated that she certainly doesn’t support another lockdown or future policies he is trying to implement. Nearly 119,000 U.S citizens are now suffering from COVID-19 each day as winter draws near.

John, another man, said that we need more information up front. He said we’ve been hearing lots of stuff and that they may have been lying to us. He said that officials needed to be more truthful.

Virginia health officials reported that an adult resident had been diagnosed with the first case of omicron variant. This was in the northern part of the state. Maryland recently also recorded an omicron instance. However, there were no cases of COVID-19 omicron variants in the District of Columbia.

Resident DeMarco said that he felt COVID needed more action from Biden. He should also be more hands-on and not force people to get vaccinated. Wade, who was visiting D.C. from California, said that it was a difficult time and there are many challenges. He said it will be difficult to get bills through the Senate, but that he supports everything Biden does.

Many claimed that Biden adopted a difficult approach from Trump’s admin. Resident Chris had inherited an unusual situation, and that he faced it head-on. Buddy, another man, stated that he was dealing with what was handed over. He said Biden has made tremendous improvements, especially when it comes to the mask mandate.

Another woman stated that he’s extreme and forcing people to do what they don’t like to do.

Eric stated that he doesn’t believe Biden should be mandating vaccinations for people and that it’s really not his place to do so.